Another girl wrestling with a parrot..


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Before I get to the introduction thing, I'm sorry for the bad joke.. my twisted sense of humour thought it was cute. *Laughs*

So, my name is Sadie. I'm a Canadian (mostly)lesbian drag king in her twenties who loves to volunteer her life away, and while I'm not new to the idea of polyamoury, I am new to it as it applies to myself and my long term relationship with my girlfriend. I've been lurking around here for a while now, and thought I'd register to pester y'all with questions now and then since I'm having a bit of a rough time coming to terms with some things, and this looks like a friendly place to turn to for advice. :eek:

Hope y'all are having a lovely day!
For the record..the wrestling with a parrot thing is some funny stuff! I might have to do some art work...maybe make a shirt for us mono folks in poly relationships :D
I'm glad you like it! If I had an ounce of artistic ability outside of performance, I'd be all over it! *Laughs*