any eaten Canadians out there

Small world indeed!!

Yes I work in dartmouth but live outside the fair city. :)
Small world and Hey outsider!

Outsider :) Fredericton here too :) PM me some time :)

Most of my fam is on the way to Peggy's Cove :)
Toronto count?

hey we are from eastern Canada looking for a female to complete our triad. she is 21 and I am 27... looking for friends a well as we are extremely new to this. and apparently according to my title I don't proof read lol

We are from Toronto
Fredericton area here as well! Always looking for new friends! A third or a couple to form a quad would be our ideal situation as well but we are also open to anything that finds our way to us!
Me too!

F'ton here too! Just moved back from Ottawa. Please do PM me though, I love making friends :)
Welcome Raxipants! If you'd like there is an Introduction forum where we'd love to hear your story (if you feel comfortable telling it).

Read around the forums and blogs! Catch you around!!
I definitely will post there! I'm just doing up my profile and suchlike properly first. Thank you for the welcome :D
Well, in that case HAPPY EARLY HOMECOMING!!
Fredericton here as well. Just moved back a few months ago. I'll have to fill out my profile and post a proper introduction sometime soon.