any events for Columbia, Mo?

Other than the Facebook poly group monthly potluck, are there any poly get togethers in Columbia Mo?
I'm generally out of the social loop because I've not found anywhere I fit in well enough to be comfortable hanging out. Square peg and all that. Lack of existing compatible connections makes it difficult to find new ones as an introvert.
So I'm looking for events where I should at least have one thing in common with the other attendees.
By the bye, I'm considered too vanilla and square to function at the fetlife-advertised get togethers, cause they're all based on some kink or another, and I've got a hard enough time even bringing up friendship without jumping straight to sexuality beyond my normal boundaries.
Any info is appreciated.
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love to know where to look up the facebbok group

We are a 20 something poly family ans for the life of me i cant find any kinds of meet ups on facebook. Help?