Any manicorns out there?


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Hello Everyone,

So we are a couple looking for a bi-male to join us in a long term MFM triad. Has anyone had experience with this?

We are both married and in our early 30s with one child. We have been fantasizing about this for a long time and have had a number of threesomes with other men. We want to have something more loving and permanent than just sex. We want us both to have a relationship with the man and him with each of us.

Is this just a pipe dream or is this really possible?



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I'm sure it's possible. The problem is that bi-sexuality is much less accepted for males than it is for females. So, a lot of bi guys are very secretive or in denial. Good luck with your search. Sounds somewhat more difficult than th typical unicorn search.


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We have had some experience with this and so far our only one truly open Bi male that we had a brief 4 year relationship with was also our last not because we wanted to to be our last but finding a truly compatible Bi-male that wanted to be a friend as well as a mate is not an easy search. The majority of men we have meet all seem to want to jump in bed first and then see if it will work afterwards. Not what we are looking for.