Any "straight laced" folks on here?


Totes. One of the remarks I usually get when I meet people I've talked to online is "Wow, you are SO much less of an asshole in person!" :D

LOL, I get the same thing. Except I wouldn't say I'm less of an asshole. It's just that people appreciate it more in person. Sometimes they think I'm trying to be funny, but I just say what's on my mind. It might be rude, but it's the truth.


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Overall my two poly companions and I are professional, straight-laced, and I don't know about fashion-loving because I don't follow fashion and am largely indifferent about what I wear. But if you're driving at whether we would stand out on the street, the answer would be no. No unusual colors, no visible tats, no stand-out piercings. We look pretty conservative, and are pretty conservative (for being poly). We are poly-fi and not looking for any new partners. The only odd thing our families know about us is that we're three adults who happen to live at the same address.


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In a way I aspire to be straight laced. My natural inclinations are to be a messy, disorganized, forgetful hoarder. And I am in a constant battle to make myself put away the dishes or remember what day of the week it is. In my relationships my partners are both predictable, organized, and quite straight laced. I've always wondered if my partners secretly crave chaos, because I provide more than enough of that, even though it doesn't seem like that type of thing they would enjoy or perpetuate themselves.

Most people who meet me would likely think I am just average until I start talking. The only unusual thing about my appearence might be my eccentric jewelry. No tattoos. No look other than just feminine clothes. Walk into my living room and see that I have at least 7 flashlights hanging around is a little odd. eh, don't know if I can describe myself well...I'm between falling apart and put together like a lot of people are.


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Hmm, I'm an employment counselor with a degree in Child and Family Studies and Social Welfare policy, but I'm also a gamer, geek, Christopagan, and kinkster. My private life/ social life are kept very separate from my work persona and from my family who are fairly conservative on average. My guys work in a metal shop making race car parts, are both gamers, and geeks. They both are craftsmen and make leather goods. Wendigo is also an artist and his wife is a stay at home mom/ author.
JP, J and I can walk right by you on the street without you noticing anything out of the ordinary - except maybe that we're geeks. JP is a computer gamer, techie kind of guy and J plays WoW. We all participate in a fantasy combat group as well. Oh, and I have a degree in Accounting and advanced certification in my field. I fit in at my corporate work environment but I'm most definitely also a bit of a geek - I was Meg Griffin for Halloween.


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I'm no longer in a poly relationship, but when I was, one of us was a social worker and the other two were R.N.s. We looked to be very middle class, professionals. We wouldn't stand out in a crowd. We did participate in the S.C.A. (Society for Creative Anachronism) which is "an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe....Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which feature tournaments, royal courts, feasts, dancing, various classes & workshops, and more.” I noticed there seems to be people in the SCA who are a bit more "liberal" or non-traditional....although certainly not everyone.


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It seems like there's two norms for the poly community; the average everyday-looking person and the person that NO ONE misses walking into a room.


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Me: Blue collar, Union proud! Work hard, Play hard. Beautiful home, in a new subdivision with 1000 other new homes. Ride a harley, but don't look like a biker.
Wife: Corporate proffesional.
Girlfriend: Small buisness owner. Casual.

The three together: We can dress up, we can go casual, or we can sit in our pajama's on the couch all day on a lazy sunday. Normal folks. If the neighbors know, its because they have seen one of us kiss her goodbye.


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We are middle aged gamers, educated professionals but not terribly conscious of fashion we fall into the comfort clothes category. We love food and cooking, games and movies. We live in a quiet neighborhood that overlooks a park and no one really thinks about us much.


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We're kind of a hodge-podge of things. Wife and I are both 34 and live in the 'burbs, though we'd be more at home in Minneapolis as opposed to just outside of it. No kids. Bikers. Jocks (still play sports competitively and work out regularly). Nerds in that we're gamers and love games like Settlers or Dominion. Don't watch much TV at all, but what we do includes: Downton Abby, Dexter, Project Runway, Tosh.0 and Top Gear. We're both in design fields. We tend to be "well dressed" but nothing over the top or out of the norm for professionals our age.

But yeah...most poly people we've met in person (which is limited) have been more of the hippie variety. Lol


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We're middle-aged (40s) boring tuna-helper eating suburban parents with two kids in elementary school. I'm a stay-home mom, on the PTA board and chair of a handful of committees, and work PT at my kids' school. Husband is a self-employed computer geek who just got elected as an elder at church and is now getting sucked into all sorts of meetings and events, ha ha.

Aside from the (new) poly way of life, the only really interesting thing about the two of us is that we were both in the Peace Corps after college.
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We've met a lot of hippies, academics and gamers in our local community, but there is definitely a wide range of "types."

My husband and I... we used to qualify as borderline hipsters but then we had a kid and now generally get pigeonholed as hippies. But not touchy-feely hippies, or pot-smoking hippies... more that we are environmentalists, liberals, we homeschool our daughter, garden, compost, have urban chickens and live in a tiny house. Most days you wouldn't be able to pick me out of a crowd as a hippie... though I generally dress like a Bohemian. My husband just wears expensive jeans and Threadless t-shirts. ;)

Oh and we are both in the arts. DH in the film industry; I'm a writer.