Anyone from London here?


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Would be great to have a chat with someone from London. Anyone know what the community is like here. Just drop me an email for a chat?


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Hey =D

I'm new to the forum and i'm trying to find more poly people from London! Thankyou for the link =D how's everyone?


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Im a North London lady......although not currently in London. The lifestylee is booming in London and it was always very easy to find like minded people. Many meet ups and munches all over the city. Hope you enjoy.


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I live on Essex/Suffolk border,,,,I would like to meet others who are looking for a loving relationship ...I was married and am looking for more than a single person relationship




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Hi,what are u looking for?

Ideally - Kasia and I would like to add a girl, who's as bonkers as we are, in to a triad :)

We're starting by just expanding our circle of friends & seeing where that takes us - if we bump in to someone who we'd like to spend more time around - then great! :D

We've stuck our profiles up on OKCupid - that's about as far as we've got so far - haha.

How about you, what are you looking for?