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The ritual began a few hours before she was to leave. The children had been gone a while, off to their father's for the night and most of the morrow. She was pleased she got Saturday nights free. She had never been one to take that freedom for herself. When married, he was usually the one who played, the one who had no problem seizing moments and happy hours, days of hunting, and her generous offers for nooners with April, the entj. She was content to stay home and take walks, nurse the babies, and talk on the phone. She would have felt guilty taking so much for herself, especially when he seemed to need it more.

Now, two and half years since her separation and divorce, she was finally coming into her own independence. She wasn't free. She was tied to her children and her work, which was securely rooted in this community. But how much she was enjoying her free time! Hours of quiet, contemplative space all to herself, able to be spend without interruption to make pbjs, run interference for squabbles, or deal with temper tantrums. Often she would be found in simple repose in her 4-poster (her favorite place) meditating as a humming peacefulness enveloped her, where she could get lost for an hour or two feeling God's imminent love and grace.

But this evening she wasn't indulging in abstract, intuitive pursuits, but concrete, sensory ones. She wanted her skin to be as clean and smooth as possible, her hair flowing and irresistible, her make-up exotic and alluring but light, and her clothing just right. She felt sure he would like that. It would somehow make him proud. She had run earlier this afternoon so that she would feel fit and supple in health. She liked how working out made her feel like she had achieved something positive. Somehow feelings of guilt were associated with not working out regularly, and she wanted no guilt, no negative feelings of any kind to plague her tonight. Plus, he had told her to begin a workout regime of at least three times per week. She had been waiting for him to do so-knew he would eventually, so when he did, she was titillatingly relieved, if one can imagine such a feeling? It made her face so smooth to run and then be exfoliated with her special rosemary loofah soap, which she made herself. She was picky about the products she used on and in her body, and had been making all her own creams, soaps, and lubes for many years now.

Her first task was the dirty one. To clean herself out. The best way she had found to do so was not the obvious one which most people probably used, the enema, but more of a....how shall we say....manual one? Her bath oil was applied generously for ease of access and removal and the shower helped make it not such a messy task. Finally she felt satisfied that she was squeaky clean and nothing untoward would interfere with any activities which might (or might likely not) ensue. It was really all about being prepared. It was mostly psychological. For both of them. Being prepared. And it was as much about the preparation as anything else, she had come to realize.

She had waxed earlier as well, so the redness had time to abate. she would have preferred to do it a day or two ago, but she had nary a moment to do so, much less the hour or two it usually took her to wax herself. She only used wax on her mons down to her labia. She preferred to shave those, and around her backside as well. She wasn't very hairy, so this worked well. After washing her hair thoroughly with her son's Axe (to give her a bit of manly scent) twice, she placed copious amounts of conditioner on her long, curly locks to tame them somewhat and make them soft and silky. While she let that sit, she shaved her pussy lips, underarms, and then legs. She had replaced the razor of her Venus with a new one for the utmost smoothness. When she was done here, she rinsed her hair, leaving just a touch of conditioner in it, then exited the tub and gently dried off, wrapping her hair within the towel coiled upon her head. She knew he was watching her and she was a bit shy here because she was completely exposed. And was sensitive about her womanly belly down low. She always wanted to be beautiful for him, but how to be beautiful in the bright light of the bathroom, fully naked and unadorned!? Consequently, she hurriedly toweled off, though she tried her hardest to go slow and be open for him to see. This, along with changing, was a difficult moment for her, because her body was not perfect, not nearly so.

She walked to her bed, laid upon Aunt Agnes' brightly crocheted blankets in horizontal swaths of color, and reached for her rosehip seed oil. It was the most precious oil she used, and therefore appropriate for her most precious places. She applied a small amount to her waxed areas, lips, and bottom and gently rubbed it in, very pleased with how velvety her labia now felt, free from hair. She rested for a moment, just savoring how her toil had left her feeling so much like an open, clean palette, ready for additional preparations. But those could wait a bit, this was a ritual to be enacted and enjoyed; even perhaps a bit of performance associated with it. All for his benefit of course, and somewhat of hers too...she really could not extricate the two anymore, they were so intricately intertwined.


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The Gift~

She met her friend out at one of the nicer, remodeled bars in the quaint town known for its trendy nightlife. One of those little towns where they leave the Christmas lights strewn along the downtown streets until March (there were only a few streets where all the fun places were) and where snow adorns everything, even the paths, in its white icy blanket. It was her friend's birthday and they were planning to listen to some local bands; this was her favorite town, and though she did not live here, she frequented it every week now, on her nights without the children.

She felt, as she drove through looking for a parking place on this frigid, clear night, that she was most definitely going to get lucky. She knew that her master was going to give her, somehow, what she needed and wanted, though she didn't, of course, know how. She never knew how, but that was also what made it so freeing and exciting. On the one hand, if nothing happened, she told herself could always make her own fate and pick up a random at the bar (though she never did). They were never interesting to her unless they were those sent by him. On the other hand, she knew Others would be there, and he had the power to make them interact or not interact--as was usually the case--with her. How frustrating those nights had been when she'd talked with the Others and nothing had come from it!

But tonight she felt was different. It wasn't so much that she had precognitive abilities, though she thought it humorous that personality typings always said her particular type DID; it was more that she felt in her gut, and in her very being, that they were at this place in their relationship now. That he was grooming her and she was finally progressing to the place where she was ready for that next step: Going deeper into his world.

He knew her progress because he watched her constantly in his special ways, ways she had been aware of for a while and which she allowed. He demanded complete perspicacity with her, and he took it, even when she had not realized it, even in those moments when feeling exposed took its toll and she just wanted universal isolation from everyone. She never got it. She was his. And she knew it. They were all coming to know it. He was a master who had dark sides and she accepted this. And suspected the best masters do.

So a steady confidence was starting to wash over her in her life and in her persona. She wasn't the heartbroken, clinging heap of a woman she had been since her separation and divorce. Her heart was not shattered anymore, but was slowly healing, thank God. God made her content. But Master made her strong and....happy.

I cannot tell you her name because her real name was for him to use only. He had named her recently and began using her new name in addressing her. Others might know her name, or not. She did not know. So she went by her old name with everyone else, but disliked how it sounded to her. In some ways she felt nameless unless he were calling her by her name. Oh how she longed to be known to everyone by that name! But she knew it was theirs, or more aptly, his, to use as he pleased with her.

The band got set up and started playing its new wave rockabilly cover tunes, and she was less than impressed, though her friend was having the time of her life for her birthday, dancing and laughing. She was itching to go across the street to her favorite bar, but knew she must be a good friend tonight, since she wasn't out alone, as was usual for her. In the beginning, she had hated going out alone because she was naturally a bit shy and felt awkward sitting at the bar quietly staring at a random (to her) ball game, trying not to feel like a bump on a log. But now she was learning how to be alone in a bar, and especially was coming to appreciate live music. She was late learning most things, so while her friends had always loved live music, she had not. She didn't feel so conspicuous alone out anymore, and besides, it gave him more room to work when she was. So she was really missing her freedom tonight, the night she felt like things were going to change.

Then she saw him. He was the one she had seen recently, and had asked Master to resend, because she wanted to get to know him. He looked a bit different in his appearance since the last time. He was young and very appealing to her. Clean-shaven, which she loved; tight body; good clothes; very cute. She liked younger men. Not so much younger women necessarily, and she could be/had been with an older man and liked it, but for the most part her tastes ran to younger men.

She knew he had sent him. A warm loving feeling slid through her very essence. This meant she was correct in her assessment of their relationship, and that he had heard her and knew what she wanted and needed. And was perhaps offering it to her for the taking.

She couldn't keep her eyes off him. He was good, as always. He was very careful not to make much eye contact, if any. The times she had seen him out before had been the same. It was almost lack of eye contact that had told her he was one of them. Then, when he knew she had seen him, he moved away for a bit. Then walked by her in a few minutes nudging her arm in the process of moving through the crowd. Interesting, this esoteric, erotic meeting that anyone watching would have no inkling about; indeed, anyone she tried to tell would think she was, at the least, pathetic and delusional, and at the most, insane, for make-believing this random stranger was letting her know he was there for her, and her only.

Then he disappeared again! Oh, panic and frustration began creeping into her mind, along with the discordant singing from the lavender-headed girl on the stage. She had lost her chance. She wasn't used to picking up guys in bars, she needed a while to work up her nerve, to assemble her line for introduction, etcetera. She spoke to her friend and was trying to accept that this night would end like all the others, when she looked up and there he was. Standing close enough to her right arm to be within talking distance. He had been toying with her all along maybe? She didn't let a moment pass, but caught his very attentive eye and said, "Hi, you heard them play before?"

"No, I haven't. Hi, I'm Tracy. I was meeting friends here but don't see them," he offered.

"Oh, yeah? It's my friend's birthday. She loves this band. What do you think about them?"

"They're not that good, eh? Except that guy on the standing base, is pretty good," he shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm not really digging them too much either. But I'm here with my friend..."

"Well, I might head over to the Great Totem (her fav bar) and see what's going on there." Was it her imagination, or did she think he was teasingly enticing her away? All she wanted then was to follow him over there, and maul him somewhere along the way.

"Okay, well, maybe I'll see you over there," she managed to say before he was gone.

She was filled with mixed emotions. Was that a good encounter or not? Did she say something wrong, or that made him want to leave? Damn! It was going to not work out after all. She took a deep breath, and admonished herself to have fun anyway, as she gave as much focus to the band as she could summon, whilst looking around furtively for sign of Young Hottie.

A while later she realized, looking at her phone, that it was nearly 12:30. They only had an hour left and then all the music would stop and the bars would close. All hope of Hottie was pretty much abandoned by this time and she was trying to console herself for her impending isolation and lonely drive back to her cold house. Alone.

Off to Great Totem they went, where it was still really crowded, and evidently it was disco night. The three girls got their drinks and worked their way up to the stage where the djs were playing a medley of 70's and 80's dance tunes, winding between spilled drinks and drunken revelers. She cleared a corner on the wet, lime-strewn, drink-laden table for their drinks and began boogieing with the rest of the town.

She let all her cares slip away then, the missed opportunity that Hottie represented to her, the ideas of what she thought this was, but maybe wasn't, the cold frustration she was coming to believe would never end. And just danced. It was so much fun to enjoy this moment with her friend who was like a sister to her. They had been lovers in the past, but had moved on in their relationship to the best kind of friends, like sisters but without the tension sisters can bring at times. YMCA, You Spin Me, and Abba wound through her soul while she moved her body to the beat. It was nearing 1:30 and the DJs were about to play the last two songs when she looked over and saw Hottie dancing with the crowd. And he really knew how to move, which is saying something for a guy. "Well, good for him," she thought. I could not care less about him anymore, for leaving me tonight! As she continued to just dance in her zone, she noticed him weaving closer to her until he was next to her. She spit out a witty remark to him, then turned her back on him. He picked up the dialogue but it was hard to hear because of the music. He was trying to attract her, but she was disinterested by this point, having felt like he was having too much fun without her this whole evening, and feeling abandoned by him at the original bar. But she couldn't help herself. Before she knew it, she was gyrating against him and feeling his heat. By the last song they kissed right there on the dance floor and she was taken aback by how wonderful and full his lips felt, and how they blended with hers. Not a cold, stinky stranger kiss; but a warm, knowing, and welcoming kiss that hinted at pleasures yet to be had.

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She was not the type to be treated poorly, she simply would not allow it, had no patience for it. Her enneagram 9 demanded peaceful interaction in accordance to her values and ego, and if that was superceded, it ran into her 8 wing which brought out the stubborn fighter in her. So even though they had danced and she had stolen his kisses, and even though her body wanted to, she still did not intend to go home with him. They bantered back and forth a few vollied retorts and then he walked out of the bar. Sighing, she resigned herself to her fateful cold drive home, as usual.

She bid her friends goodnight, and headed into the frosty night air to her car, and was almost to it when she heard him call to her, "Hey, wait a minute!"

"Hmph," she thought, turning around. But she looked up into those nice eyes and handsome face and thought about how warm he looked and how good he kissed, and told him she wan't interested in being with some guy who couldn't find anyone else to go home with.

"But it's you I want to be with, see," He made it sound almost as if she had been right, yet not. As if he wanted her to be left questioning his intent, but not questioning so much as to squelch the encounter. He wanted to leave her guessing. He was good.

She did what women do in that situation, and she hated herself for it, but biology is biology and some things were destined to be. The playing hard to get when both of you know it's futile, but you do it anyway because you have to. When he finally gained, after just a few pathetic minutes, access to the interior of her car, she leaned in and kissed him, and drove him home, which was rather close.

He was very kind and considerate of her. There was a care there that bordered on warm fondness, what she had noticed when she'd been with other Others. Which reinforced for her again he wasn't just a random stranger. That part was so necessary for her, because it was the meaning behind it that meant everything, that Master was indeed pulling these strings and putting into play what she wanted. She must have done something right to be rewarded in this way.

Into his small no-nonsense condo they went, a typical bachelor pad; carpet, couch, tv, and computer (actually she didn't notice a computer but knew it was somewhere), with no adornments whatsoever, shades of brown; the requisite clueless roommate, rubbing his eyes and quietly disappearing.

After making out on the couch, he threw down a semi-comfy brown comforter and indicated she was to get upon it. She knew Master was watching, always knew he was watching in his way. And she hoped she was pleasing him, but it was not in the forefront of her mind. She was simply enjoying this heated moment with Hottie, and connecting with him. She loved kissing him (loved the subtle taste of cigarettes in his mouth!) and snuggling him most, as was often the case in the recent past. The others were like that, they were cuddlers, and seemed to really just bask in her affections that way.

She sucked his hard cock, and choked herself on it, taking it in deep enough to gag and cough up slimy mucous. He was lying back on the blanket, moaning, enjoying her ministrations. She didn't want to stop, but at the same time didn't want to make him come just yet--they were just getting started! They moved on to other fleshly pursuits, and they talked some in-between, which added a warmth to their mental communion as their bodies were warming up. It was about here, in the soft whisperings of feelings and thoughts which marked her lovemaking style, that she mentioned Master for the first of many times, and asked Hottie if he had been sent. He replied simply, with the sweetest of smiles that he was, "A gift."

The hours slipped away, as they will in those sensuous nights where time has no meaning. Neither one of them had come yet, and in one of the pauses while she was sitting sideways in his arms and her long legs were thrown across his, he reached down with his left hand and started probing her pussy lips. Into it went one finger, then another, and with nearly-expert movement, he began playing them inside her. Deeper, twisting, turning, they went while he paid close attention to what she liked, what made her moan. When he (and she) discovered what it that her body most responded to, he applied more pressure, and somewhat more speed, and continued the action as her moaning increased. It wasn't long before her head was thrown back and she was succumbing to a vaginal orgasm the likes of which she had never had before. The proof slopped over his fingers and he seemed moderately pleased with what he had accomplished.

From there on, the energy seemed strongest with him dominating her and pleasing her. And her pussy. It was obvious that he enjoyed it if a hard cock is any proof of that. But he didn't seem to want to be the recipient himself. Though she wanted her partners to come, if left to her own intentions, she always just felt the energy out and usually went with it. If she were told to make him come, she would have gladly and thankfully done whatever it took to get him off. Otherwise, she luxuriated in being the queen of this night, and in learning how much her body liked this new pleasure, the mechanics of it, but also the power he let her know he was holding back.

She wondered in the back of her mind why he was holding it back, and hoped it was because he wanted to go slowly with her and be with her again, and allow it to evolve bit by bit, so she would become his in some submissive way. He knew she was Master's but he also seemed to (want to) assume some control over her, that he knew could be his for the taking. At one point in this mindset, he was on top of her making love to her, with his eyes boring into hers as his right hand slid surreptitiously upon her collarbone and lower neck. She knew he was showing her his power over her and loved it, wanted more, but knew her place was to receive not demand. Patience, my Precious, patience. Several times he had seemed like he wanted to end their encounter, yet he would always begin kissing her again, which would lead to his hand pleasuring her again. He told her to come again in that way they were learning she liked and she obliged him gladly, asking afterward how many fingers he had pleasured her with. He said only two which shocked her because it had felt like four. She was sore, but delightedly so. Mmmm.

Morning came unbidden (at least for her) as they are wont to do, and he terminated the encounter by mentioning something about work. She took the cue and dressed quickly, accidentally forgetting to put on her best pair of black lacy panties in the process, and leaving her black leopard-print gloves to boot. He queried kindly if she didn't want to warm up her car? To which she replied in the negative and as she turned to kiss him she saw his bookshelf was laden with books, which she hadn't previously taken time to notice. This pleased her. And she made a mental note to talk about books next time. If Master deemed there would be a next time.

Thank you, Master. Twas a very pleasant and much appreciated Gift.

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The Exam: Preparation

The girl had been chosen specially by him. Her name was Anna, they met online, and he had been having his eye on her, and had been talking with her long enough to know that Anna pleased him, and turned him on. Anna was fond of him, and they liked to occasionally chat and flirt, but he knew Anna was very extraverted and, well, just friendly with everyone. Which meant he could extricate himself fairly quickly and easily from her life and, after the initial sting, she'd be off living gaily, filling in the space his absence created quickly with other people and events. He didn't want to hurt anyone.

He suspected Anna was at the fertile place in her cycle and this was necessary for him. And She liked it too, his lover, his subpanion. Mainly because it excited him so much, but fertility, especially her own, has always turned her on. That is why she hated birth control so much. After many months, the proper night finally presented itself, and he arranged things just so. He took Anna to a trendy little pub for a drink and a bite to eat, sitting at the end of the bar near a window. She was watching from afar, having arrived earlier. She was sipping her mojito with extra mint, and pleasantly surveying the show. She liked to watch Master talk to girls; he was in his element. She knew this was one of the most exciting parts for him and knew his member was probably becoming larger in his pants. The big Unknown was whether he'd be able to entice the girl away to the location, and that she'd play. She was betting on the night turning out wonderfully, as planned. Master always chose everything so carefully, that is was very unlikely it would not.

He leaned in and gave Anna's open lips a little tender kiss and she smiled delightedly at him. Then he was paying and they were getting up and putting on their coats. She waited until they had left and she threw a 10 on the table and quietly exited the bar and headed to her black car in the parking lot. She loved her car, it was a stick and the only thing she owned. She liked it that way. Less liability, less to worry about. Beyond her work (which she loved) and her children (which she loved as well), he consumed her. And she was very happy with this triality. Possessions and material pursuits meant nothing to her, except where he demanded. But truth be told, she really enjoyed her car-- its road-hugging savvy, its sexy efficiency , and its great sound system. As she followed them she let the music from her favorite CD course through her body, just feeling how content she was to have found her Master, that someone actually existed who fit her so well, in essentially every way that mattered most to her. She was about to watch her master make love to someone else, and she was so happy. She laughed out loud thinking about it, how anyone else would think she was crazy for liking this and having this life.

She pulled up to the building and noted that they were already inside, meaning Anna was so far in agreement. This was a medical office building but since it was Saturday night, no one was around. Master had solicited the keys from his good friend since childhood, a well-known family practice physician. His friend knew about Master's proclivities and approved of them enough to help him out when needed. Sometimes he also provided medications without questions. Or other sundry medical instruments or supplies...

She heard distant murmurings and some giggling from a room down the hallway. She waited, still and listening; breathed deeply; and calmed herself (she was excited!) for his signal. Minutes passed and finally he emerged and motioned for her to follow. When she entered the small room, Anna was sitting on the exam table with eyes wide and mouth slightly open in an Oh-what-is-about-to-happen-I'm-highly-titillated! fashion. She was breathing rather quickly and looked not unlike a rabbit about to bolt.

She was nothing if not good with people. Though introverted, she seemed extraverted with others, and could exude warmth and calm easily, which she now did in Anna's direction. She walked slowly up to Anna and placed her hand confidently on Anna's thigh, in one touch reassuring her, but also letting her know she was more in control here; that Anna had nothing to be afraid of, whilst smiling all the time, and making eye contact with Anna's gorgeous blue eyes. He stood back and watched her, watched them interact. His favorite pastime was studying her, of course. More even than finding young hotties to sex with.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, I've heard so many wonderful things about you," She oozed in a friendly voice a woman uses with her dear friends.

"Uh, hi," was about all Anna mustered as she appeared to be getting more nervous by the instant.

"I'm sure this is a bit shocking for you, but I want you to know it needn't be. I am here to help Damien please you (Damien was the name Master used with the public. It wasn't his real name,of course), and to make you as comfortable as possible. I'm sure he's told you by now in all the times you've talked with him that he has...some unusual desires?" She preferred to be direct and honest, so that she could move right on into connecting authentically.

"Yeah, he's mentioned some things. Who are you?" She queried, looking back and forth from her to Master and back again.

"I am his lover and friend. I am here to....facilitate things tonight, and he likes for me to watch. Is that okay with you?" She asked, holding her breath.

"Sure, I guess so. What do you guys want to do to me?" She couldn't suppess a nervous giggle as she asked this.

"Oh, he will be very clear with his instructions in a moment. I am just here mainly to help and watch. If you need anything at all, I am here as your friend, just let me know," She responded.

Knowing the girl would acquiesce now, She moved back surreptitiously, allowing Master to take the lead, which he did. He held Anna's slightly shaking hand and kissed her slowly and tenderly, like he had in the bar, but longer. She stood quietly watching and noticed a familiar warmth spreading in her womanhood with such depth that only he could elicit in her. After kissing Anna until she was breathless and bleary-eyed, he told her he wanted her to remove all her clothes and put on the paper gown with the opening in the front. He moved back and made no move to leave but stood and watched her with an open expression. When she realized this was not like your standard well-woman checkup, where they leave and allow you privacy to get undressed, she chuckled, blushed, and hopped down to drop her drawers and don the gown, self-consciously turning her back to them as she did this, allowing Master full purview of her ass, which pleased him immensely.

Anna sat on the table with her legs pressed together and sort-of clutched at the gown edges, trying to hold them closed across her chest. He moved as far in as he could, until the table pressed into him and leaned in to kiss Anna in the strongest and deepest kiss yet. As he felt her relax, he moved his hands from her head to her thighs, one on each thigh and slowly caressed them as a woman would do, softly and gently, without rushing. As Anna became excited she let her hands drop the gown, allowing her perky c-cup breast to peek out of the left side of the gown, nipple dark and taught and so inviting, as she put her hands on his belly and attempted to undo his pants. He firmly grasped her hands and pulled away to look her straight in the eye, as he said, "You will not touch me unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

As her face registered the authority in his tone, she slowly nodded in assent.

"You are such a beautiful woman, Anna, with a beautiful body," he complimented her. Then he leaned forward and grasped her nipple in his lips, suckling on it like a baby, working it until she was moaning in pleasure and grasping the table on either side of her. He slowly drew back, looked deeply into Anna's eyes and pushed the gown away from her other breast, looking at it intently. Then he slowly bent forward and repeated the gesture with that side until Anna was having a hard time knowing what to do with her hands.

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"I want you to lie back now. I want to examine you. Have you ever had a lady's exam?" He asked in the tone a teacher would use with a young, recalcitrant child.

"Yes, once," Anna replied, as she laid back as instructed. Her legs came together instinctively, because it feels vulnerable lying half-clothed on an exam table in a cold doctor's office.

"Now, I want you to place your feet in these stirrups here," he helped her lovingly place each foot in a stirrup. As Anna laid back, her gown had completely fallen away so as to not even be there at all. She attempted to clutch it over her naked body, but he stopped and said, "No, simply let your arms rest on the table next to your body and leave them there." Anna complied.

He placed his hands on her outer thighs and said, "Scoot your bottom down to the edge of the table now. That's a girl, keep coming, a little farther," she followed his instructions amicably. He then left Anna open like that, as he came back where She was watching, breathing more rapidly than normal, pulse beating quickly, in short, becoming aroused. And whispered something secret in her ear, nuzzled her and reassured her that She was his and she meant everything to him. And that he wanted her now to join him and pleasure him, "In the way you know I like," as they walked back adjacent to the table.

She kneeled down and undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, pulled his tight underwear down as well, and his member popped up a bit, and out, as he was indeed almost hard by now. He sat comfortably down on the stool between Anna's legs and she knelt between his legs and began kissing and lightly licking his cock, noting that he was already becoming lubricated. She loved the salty taste of him and loved what it meant>that he couldn't wait to get his hands, and penis, inside Anna.

More and more she sucked his cock, as he murmured nice affirmations to her telling her she was doing a very good job, and hadn't she become a very good cock-sucker? He removed her top and told her to take off her bra, so she paused just long enough to do that. As her full breasts spilled out, he fondled them approvingly, kissed her, and kissed her breasts, which he so loved. Then he allowed her to go back to working on him.

He told Anna to let her knees drop as far to the side as possible, and helped her by pushing them apart. As he did this, he watched Anna's pussy lips part and she could feel his penis respond by pulsing bigger than before in her mouth. "I'm going to get you ready for your exam now by licking you, isn't that nice?" He kindly offered.

"Um, okay," Anna shyly said. He placed his lips on her clitoris at first and just let them rest there, working his tongue gently across her flesh, until he felt her tense body ease into the exam table beneath her. He stroked around her vulva then, tasting and exploring Anna's private spots with an expertness that was hard to match. Anna moaned lightly with his ministrations. She could feel his cock become rock hard and more of his juices flowed out, threatening an orgasm close at hand, if things kept moving this rapidly. As he moved his tongue into Anna's vagina, probing deeply, he abruptly told his lover, "Stop sucking me now, and go kiss Anna and kiss her tits," to which she immediately obeyed.

Anna turned receptively to her left side and his slave leaned over and kissed Anna affectionately as her hand gently fell on her right, beautiful breast. She kneaded it, playing with the supple nipple while their tongues explored each other's lips and mouths. She was completely aching by this time in her whole pelvic region, soaking her inner thighs with the juice from her pussy, in her element not only watching Master please Anna, but helping as well.

He would break occasionally to watch them and tell them how beautiful they were, like that, two women pleasing each other. Then, when he was ready, he called for her to come back and assist him, because, "Anna is ready now, for her exam."

He placed his right first two fingers in Anna's wet opening and pulled them apart as much as he could, until she winced. He said, "Easy, now, just relax, this might hurt a little bit, but the more you can relax, the less it will hurt."

She handed him the medium speculum she had warmed in her hand, and, with his right hand, he expertly angled it at Anna's vaginal opening and slowly inserted it into her. When it was to its hilt, he pressed the handle together which opened the bill at the end into an ever-widening arc, bringing her cervix into view, finagling the angle of the speculum until the mouth of her womb fit perfectly within the tips of it. Anna laid quietly, still and motionless, afraid to move with such a large instrument inside her most vulnerable space. He mercilessly clicked it open to it's fullest expansion and She angled the gooseneck lamp until it was emitting light all the way into the inner recesses of Anna's body, illuminating all her parts that normally do not see the light of day, ever.

He complimented Anna on being a good patient, "You are doing very well, Anna, I am very pleased you are not complaining and are handling this exam so well," he cooed.

"Thank you," Anna responded weakly. And giggled a bit. "What are you doing?"

"I'm looking at you, Anna. I want to see what you look like and make sure you are very clean and healthy. Where are you at in your cycle, Anna? Do you know?" Though she knew he already knew where Anna was in her cycle.

"Haha, um, I don't know, mid-way through or something. Is that what you mean?" She nervously asked.

"Yes, that is what I mean. Oh, yes, Anna, I can actually tell that now," he answered.

"You can?" she asked in surprise. "How?"

"Well, your cervix appears slightly open and some clear mucous is coming out of it. That usually means you are ovulating," he managed. She heard the catch in his voice and knew her Master was extremely turned on by this little fact, and She knew she was. Something about fertility and ovulation always made her so primally aroused.

"Oh, eh, okay," Anna rasped.

"Are you on birth control, Anna?" Master asked.

"No, not right now, why?" Anna responded.

"Well, I need to know in case you allow me to have sex with you. It doesn't appear that you are from your mucous though," he answered.

After he was satisfied with his view of Anna's inner folds and dusky tissues, he unclicked the speculum and removed it more open than he needed to, she noticed, making it more uncomfortable for Anna. He handed it to her, and she disposed of it, then he kissed Anna's pussy and licked it all over, making up for the discomfort he had caused, until Anna started moaning again, and her hips started involuntarily writhing on the exam table. Then She applied some lubricating jelly to the first two fingers of his right hand, as he stood up. He placed them forcefully all the way inside Anna's tight vault up to her cervix. He played them in the opening there, visualizing them in her fertile juices and applying pressure in the os, or opening, of her inviting cervix.

He then instructed, "Suck my cock and get me hard again for Anna," to her, and she was down and working on him in a heartbeat, making him harder than ever. As she sucked his fat cock, he massaged Anna's vagina, trying, but unable, to fit three fingers inside of her.

"Wow, you have such a nice, tight pussy, Anna. Do you mind now if I put my hard cock inside you, Please?" He nearly begged.

Anna was vitrually speechless and just obviously wanted to get fucked by this time, so she jerked her head in the affirmative while she frustratingly tried not to touch him, as he has originally warned her.

He pushed his slave's head away and kissed her, thanked her for getting him so hard for Anna, and told her, "I want you to go stand next to Anna now and watch me fuck her."

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The Exam: Culmination

As She moved next to Anna, She kissed her and fondled her breasts, then turned to watch as Master had told her to. Then he moved against Anna's nicely prepared pussy and slid inside her, at first watching his entry, then watching her. "Do you see how I'm entering Anna? Even though I'm inside Anna and making love to her, you know I love you, right?" he taught with a loving and kind tone which she so needed and appreciated.

She was immensely turned on now, and She wanted to come so bad, but knew that she wasn't allowed to do anything other than that instructed by Master. Instead she watched as he became more and more aroused inside Anna, fucking her deeply in and out, back and forth. Pumping into her sometimes faster and sometimes slower, grinding into her clit at times, to hear her near orgasm, but never letting her go over that edge.

Anna began making sounds as if she were about to come. She helped by sucking her nipples, nibbling them with her teeth, and kissing her mouth hungrily, taking each in turn. Master continued to look at her and say, "I am so very pleased by Anna's tight and nice pussy that I think I might come inside her. What do you think about that?" he asked her, and as She made eye contact with him she could see he was holding himself off as long as he could, but that he was very near the edge of allowing himself to come.

"I think that would please me much, Master. You should do that if you like," She sweetly responded, as Anna began bucking and screaming out in pleasure, finally coming.

Upon hearing her approval, and knowing he had pleased Anna with an orgasm, he gasped and rocked inside Anna as far as he could, then slowed a second, deep inside, gasping. She knew he was just then ejaculating into Anna's open, fertile cervix and his sperm was entering her womb, traveling upward on that ancient journey to life.

He continued to pump a writhing, begging, Anna as long as he could, then he pulled away from her. She dripped love juice all over the end of the table, and it was all over her thighs, mons, and even lower abdomen.

"After you give Anna her medication, lick her, soothe her pussy, and clean her up, Love," he demanded in his authoritative, yet kind way.

She kissed Anna again, and Anna was very responsive. She moved to the counter, opened the box of emergency contraception, and proffered it to Anna, saying, "Take these, they will keep you from getting pregnant. I'm going to give you one now, then I will give you the other one later." Anna opened her mouth and did as instructed, as they knew she would.

Then She moved down and began by licking her belly, then moved to Anna's inner thighs, leaving behind only her saliva. When She was satisfied that Anna was clean everywhere else, She sat on the stool and began to lick her vagina, which was by now emitting its contents of her Master as they dripped out and down from Anna's gaping hole. She thrust her tongue as far into Anna as she could go and sucked out his excellent cum, which was mixed with Anna's muskiness in a love elixir she never tired of eating. Finally, when Master was satisfied that Anna was squeaky clean, he said She could finish off by licking Anna's clit. Her doting tongue found Anna's swollen but tiny member and gently kissed it, licked it, and sucked it until she found the right cadence that Anna seemed to prefer, using Anna's body language and verbalization as cues. In a few minutes, Anna was convulsing in a huge orgasm as she held her mouth on her engorged clit steadily until the girl was completely spent.

Master praised her cunnilingus performance and told both of them he was very pleased and satiated by them. He kissed them warmly, Anna first, then her, and told them to get dressed. It was time to go. She knew Master would give her her pleasure later. He was making her wait for it. Like a good Master does. <3​
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