Are There Many Downton Abby Fans Here ?


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We are huge fans of Downton Abby, which here in the US, we are anxiously awaiting the airing of season 4, which is just finishing in the UK. is just chock full of spoilers, but makes us certainly want to watch PBS on Jan 5th, and rush out and buy the 4th season on DVD.


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Everybody I work with is a huge fan, and my boss lent me DVDs of the first and second seasons because I don't have TV (had to let my cable go, which is necessary for any reception in the city, even for regular channels). I LOVED IT!!!! I was too embarrassed to ask if she had a Season 3 DVD to lend me, but maybe I can get it at the library. Thing is, I am notorious for forgetting to bring things back, and they won't lend me anything else til I pay my fines. But I can't wait to see more of it - fantastic show, and very well written!


I watch it with my mum. I find the latest series is written for it's American audience


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Seasons 1 - 4 on DVD.

Hooray! Since I still don't have cable service and can't get any TV reception in the city without it, I decided to splurge. The Boxed set of DVDs just arrived today, with a nice tote bag. Was going to borrow it from the library but they had 83 copies and none available because there are 130 people on the wait list!

Yep, I've got Seasons 1 through 4 (pre-release) in my hot little hands. I haven't seen any of Season 3 yet, so I will start with that tonight to catch up. Then, on to Season 4, which only started last week here, I believe. I purposely ignored anyone talking about it because I wanted to see Season 3 first. But my boss did say she didn't think Season 4 is as good as the previous three. Can't wait to see for myself!

Oh, and I bought Downton Abbey earrings, too. Totally an impulse purchase - they're not even my style, though I've always loved Edwardian fashion!
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We'll be receiving season 4 Dvd/Blueray soon from our local PBS station as we just did our yearly donation during their Downton Abby pledge drive. Already have Seasons 1 through 3.

We donate yearly, usually during a favorite PBS show. Actually won a trip to England one year with our donation and entrance into their Doctor Who contest. Ah many hours of enjoyment with the programing at Public TV.

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