Are you the couple for us?


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Hey! Do you want open minded lovers in your life? Want best friends that will be there for you no matter what? We would like to be the ones to fill that role.

MF <3 FM <3 <3 <3

Im looking for a loving poly Quad relationship. That's 4 people. Two couples maybe? I am attracted to men & woman & my partner is attracted to women & hopes to be friends/brothers with my future male partner. I have had experience dating both men & women, & 2 men at the same time & I enjoyed it very much! I long for a poly situation again, even though I am quite happy with my partner.

*What can I/we add to a friendship or relationship?
-Knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, logical outside perspective, understanding inside perspective, counseling, friendship, built-in support system, attention, affection effort/energy.
-Emotional stability: Companionship, Love, Intimacy, Fun experiences.
-Financial stability: shared resources, support, less working required.
-We are willing to enter legally binding agreements that protect the financial security of whomever we date as that is only fair.
-Lots of sex, variety, availibility, flexibility in scheduling & in bed ^_^
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