Article contest!


Looking for some people who can write some nice articles for our future 'main page'. We are considering moving to the latest version of the forum software, which supports a main site page, blogs, articles etc. Obviously we will have some space to fill :) So please feel free to join in! You can just post them in this forum, we will put the best ones on the front page! We need at least 10 good articles before we can go live! So bring out the writer in you and share! Basically anything that adds value to people's life is welcome!

Some example articles that come to mind:

- Your poly family situation (with pics for example)
- How to communicate properly
- How to deal with jealousy
- How can mono's live/thrive within poly relationships?
- Etc...

The use of images inside the article is recommended to make it more attractive! (please make sure they are copyright free). If you can't find any images that is fine,
we will find a nice stock photo to put on your article.

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Nice :)

This looks really cool, Oliver. I will think about writing an article to submit.


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I'll also consider writing an article.

Good idea! ... and, it's about time!

I'm the sort of writer who needs feedback and help from someone (or several) with editing and proof reading skills. So -- shouldn't we assemble a team of qualified proof readers and editors, so we end up with good quality stuff?

Any skilled volunteers? SeventhCrow already threw his hat in. You still in, -Crow?


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Oh Geez

As we say out here in the Midwest U.S.

I am totally great at editing. Been getting lots of practice lately. I will volunteer to edit as soft or hard as the articles require. I have some experience in news writing as well. Just as long as there's not a ton, but we can work on them together as they come.

River- you know you love it!


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i have worked as a proof reader many times and would be happy to do so for this project it sounds like a good one!



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I just wanted to thank everyone who offered to help with editing and/or proof reading. This will insure a better quality of work.

Who will be our general editor? Will we have a tiered system of editors, with a general editor and associate editors?

I've been quite busy, but I'll think about what I want to say and come up with an article idea in the next day or two. Then I'll get started on writing this week.


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I worked on an editorial board for a literary magazine for several years, so I am always available for proof-reading, editing, or other related tasks. I might even try to pull something together to submit. :)


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Does this project now have an "executive editor" (EE)? An EE could "hire" (volunteers) who have agreed to help with the various tasks, e.g., proof-reading, editing.... The EE could help maintain momentum and progress, assemble an "editorial board" -- if required, etc....


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Are you volunteering? :D

'fraid not. But I'd be more than happy to be a part time "consultant". And help where I can ... without committing to a large portion of labor time.

My partner and I are getting ready to make an offer on some land, build a house, build an arts & crafts studio.... And other things eat up my precious time. :mad::D:confused:


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I HAVE A POLY DREAM. by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. Article for Main Page

I HAVE A POLY DREAM. by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

I dream awake a fully legal marriage celebration for, me, my wife Janet, and two other bi-poly pairs.

We join hands, meet each others’ gaze.

We take turns and proclaim exactly what we pledge.

In my fantasy, each and every one of the six commit to living together in Gaia consciousness, ecological harmony, emotional support, compassionate communication, centering, limitation transcendence and spiritual synergy via sacred tantra rituals.

Like Dr. King, I intend for the dream to be the reality we wake up to: adults have the right to marry whoever they wish, to have all the rights and responsibilities in the areas of spouse protection, tax breaks, hospital visitation, divorce and freedom from persecution and hate-behavior.

The convictions of the religious right about marriage reserved to a monogamous man and woman are part of the old divide and conquer religions based on dictates of tyrants with technology. They have no right to demean and punish our relationship choices. You are the chooser.

And I hope one day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one. Imagine that.


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Hey, I know I don't post here often, but I have some articles that I've written for my blog ( that I would love to see featured. I figure Real Housewife of Atlanta, Opening the Door, or The Boys Room (soon to be featured on would be the most appropriate. But I intend to keep writing more, so if you like my writing, but nothing quite fits, I'd be happy to contribute something else.


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Recent graduate

I graduated recently from Grand Canyon University with a BA in English Literature. I am searching for someplace to stretch my writing wings.


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my submission

I'm sure there will be plenty of articles on making it work. I recently wrote this blog post on how to approach when things don't work out. I could be more direct about the poly linkages, but graceful ends seem to be more important (and sometimes more difficult) in our small community.

I'm willing to take requests on topics to write about as well...


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Article contest

I would consider my article finished. So long as somebody can give it a quick edit, it should be primed and ready to go.

Also, a second article in the form of a Forum intro.