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Looking for what? A decent hairdresser? A dog? The secret of eternal youth?

I'm going to assume you mean a new partner. In order to differentiate yourselves from the million and one other couples looking for the exact same thing, perhaps you could expand a little on the specifics. You don't have to, of course, but then you shouldn't be surprised at the utter lack of response you get.

Are you looking for a male or a female, or doesn't that matter? Do you have an age range in mind? Do you have children? Would it be ok if they have children? Would it be ok if they're married or in another relationship? What do you like doing with your time? Would they be required to like doing that too?

You say you're a married couple. Are you looking for someone for the wife, someone for the husband, or someone to "share"? If the latter, what happens if one of you falls for them and the other doesn't? What happens if they fall for one of you but not the other?

Perhaps you're after a couple rather than an individual? If so, does the gender make-up of the couple matter to you?

Edit: You may wish to ask a mod to move this to the North American section of the Dating and Friendships forum. This area is for people organising events and your post will probably be overlooked.
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