Been listening, time to start talking.


Hello folks... nice to have you here. I'm not so familiar with the poly vocabulary in its current state of evolution, so please forgive in advance any lack of grace on my part.

I recently removed myself from a caustic relationship and have moved back to more familiar tree lines, closer to home and family. There are only three reasons a man ever moves anywhere: labor, love, or family. This is true for me also.

I was met on my arrival home by very old and well loved friends whose company is brilliant and sharp and vibrant. Whose company I have missed very much.

Two months later: "I'm in a V" or "I'm hinged to a primary" ?

Not my language, so I won't use it here, yet. But the important thing for you to know is that I am here, and I will always take calculated risks for love.

I am in a relationship now with a friend I hold very dear to me, whose husband I respect and admire. I trust them both without question. At an earlier, more conventional evolution of our friendship, they offered and gave me a place in their home as a roommate and renter, let me walk their dogs, and offered me open ears and hearts. These are big people.

Every unknown step in our new journey has been difficult, but I think we are all keeping our wits about us, dowsing each other with water in this trial by fire. We're all trying insanely hard. The three of us are each driven intensely by our artistic passions and endeavors. We are powerful people: we do a lot of working, a lot of praying, a lot of playing. We are generous.

We communicate, sometimes in subtle ways, when direct communication is either too painful, too inconvenient, or just plain tiresome. We tried to keep a sense of humor.

It's brilliant really. Honest for sure.

That being said, it occurred to me one tough morning that there is no amount of generosity that makes this easy, that makes the daemons any less diligent, or the distance left to travel any shorter.

None of this ever would have shown up on my radar, this redistribution of love, if it hadn't been done with patience, trust, and respect.

We have very far to travel, the three of us, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here, with as little baggage as I can muster for the trip.

Anyone need the rest area?


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Glad things are going well for you. Happiness is the most important thing in life. =] Welcome to the forum and I hope we can all help you if ever you need it. We're all here to chat. =] Speaking of which, if you ever need any one to one talk, you may always feel free to send a PM my way. ^_^


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Welcome!! I loved reading your post. I'm glad things are working well and I commend you all for your efforts. :)


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Welcome to the forum. I am new to the forum but not new to Poly. Very interesting post for an introduction. One comment if I may. Love is easy, it's the rest that gets complicated.


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I will begin by saying welcome. Though you already know you are. Everyone here, including you, dear reader, is an astronaut. We see the world as a whole. We launch ourselves out past the stratosphere and congregate in the vastness of space. We communicate our every move and trust that our fellow rocketeers have the training and gumption to help see us through the many pitfalls of finding ourselves this far from the world we have grown accustomed to. And far away we are. But only a few brave souls will ever experience this majesty. So turn yourself around and take a good long look and the boundless galaxy you are a part of. Be thankful. And help anyone you can to feel that same gratitude. All those stars... that's you.


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See how they shine... Oh, my soul.
Nothin for it but to floor it
Many starlit miles ahead
Take turns at the wheel
Fleet of hand and foot, fleet of angels
not afraid to touch as we fly

Bank back fluid to stay course.

Two words, gentlemen: A GOG.

Yes, very much welcome, please and thank you.


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:) ... welcome to the forum. This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful journey for you. I look forward to watching it unfold.