Best regards from down under :)


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Best regards :)

Hi all...I must declare upfront I've gained much from having a quick read of the odd topic here. So I've felt I should say hello and contribute.

I've probably always sat close to polyamory. Although was not overly familiar with that word until recently. In my past I've had numerous occasions where I was involved in multiple relationships (all declared honesty). I didn't realise I could attach a word to that - LOL !

...I then entered a monogamous (or so I thought) long term relationship via marriage, which was not a happy experience for me...but not because of the non monogamy. He just didn't turn out to be very nice. I've had a wonderful break from all relationships...and have truely developed some awesome connections with many people as a result (but mainly myself...a wonderful connection with myself). I sort of decided to fly solo...largely as a result of not wanting any part of the control/power/ownership dynamics that I perceived relationships to bring with them (yes...probably partly due to a result of crap marriage..but also much more than that !). I've never felt ok with the perception that once I'm having sex with someone there is some form of "ownership" attached. But, I've also felt very connected to the idea of wanting to get much from many people.

Funny how life gives you things sometimes - I became involved with a man who is attempting to live an honest poly lifestyle.. he's doing an ok job, although I'm starting to suspect in his case it is more about the idea of having sex with lots of people - which is fine, I'd want to support him if that's what it turns out to be. What I've got from this involvement is exposure to loads of poly literature and this forum, which is one of the first places I started to check out in my explorations - Thank you to all for your posts...They have been very valuable to me..

I thank him for giving me the word "polyamory" and I thank you all for your posts. I don't know where I'll end up...but it is a relief to me to be exploring relationships outside of an environment that I found to be oppressive. I'd turned off the idea of sexual relationships in general as a way of avoiding alot of things I didn't like about them. But, I have alway tended to be someone who likes the good things in life ! :) So I am hopeful of of finding a place where I sit more comfortably
Cheers Guys and Gals :)
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Welcome aboard.


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You sound an interesting person Bella!! Welcome. Look forward to hearing what you have to say about stuff.