Bi-M/M looking for F


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We are two best friends (39m\35m) that live with one another, working towards common goals and sharing all aspects of life with one-another. We've been friends for over 24 years and this is literally the only type of situation we have not shared. We have previously been married, and later divorced. We realized that life together would be more exciting, but we both miss the female presence.
We would like to have 1 woman that could add to our dynamic, in a MFM relationship. We are open to conversations, text, chat, video calls; whatever is necessary to getting to know someone. We hope that we can find that 1 person that fits our pretty chill and exciting lifestyle.
We live in Update NY, close to PA border on Route 15.
Hi, I'm not sure if you're still looking but I'm interested. I don't know the proper way to go about expressing my interest as I've just come across the site and joined in the last couple of hours. Your post has caught my attention so I just wanted to reach out. I'm not in NY though, I'm in Maryland. I do hope you have great luck in finding what you're looking for!
I live in the NJ/NY area but would be open to getting to know you both! Open to video chatting and exchanging social medias to avoid any catfishing. You can shoot me a message if you’re interested.
Hello! I am a 33year old female I live in upstate New York. Closer to Albany. I am new to this site. Also new to the poly lifestyle but very much so interested and invested. If you are interested in getting to know more about me and would like to chat just message me and we can exchange phone numbers etc.