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We made a post on one of the threads in this forum about our faith and how it affects our views on poly. We offered to share our understanding with others, without getting into arguments. We were steeled and prepared for all kinds of backlash ... which never coalesced. :)

Instead, we received several very fascinating responses and have started developing some wonderful friendships.

With this in mind, we thought we would make a deliberate posting and invite those who are interested in discussing the Biblical aspects of poly life with us.

We're not looking to convert or change anyone's views. We just want to be open with what we have learned, how it works for us and share it with anyone who is interested.

We would prefer to conduct the discussions in email, on the phone and in person--our experience with certain other religious viewpoints has been very negative and we've ended up attacked for nothing more than sharing our faith. Thus, we don't want to be overly public -- at least, for now. Until we're more comfortable with the community and how accepted we are within it.

So, the purpose of this post is to sort of "advertise" to those who are of similar faith, that we'd be happy to discuss our views and our faith, but from here it's up to you. You can come to us, seeking conversation and discourse, but we don't want to cram it down anyone's throat.

There it is, then. :) You can email us at:


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I am sad to say that I am usually wary of Christian cominations of Poly becuase they usualy, in my opinion, make the man the recipant of lots of sexual attention and domestic power while the women are obligated to 'obey'.

Not to start and argument at all to the thread starter. :) I know not all Christians who are involved in poly are in that catagory.

I'd love to hear more about what you believe personally. :)


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I am an out of the box christian.

First Erosa I can understand your waryiness. I think that you will start to find more and more christians that are normal and poly. I have actually met 2 couples that come from an evangelical christian background and are poly. One couple is both female. The other had been married for 1l years and then became poly. It is funny when you study the history of monogamy and find that it is a new inventiopn that really didnt take hold till around 1100. But before that there was a patriarichal aspect that erosa was warninbg against. Some of the books that really he;ped me to awaken were "The poisoning of Eros" by Raymond Lawrence. Divine Sex: Liberating Sex from religious tradition by Philo Thelos. Erosa I would recommend you check out this site to help you understand where I am coming from.


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I am an out of the box mormon LOL

I could deffinately get into a discussion like this :) I like deep thinking and deep conversations. A lot of the reason I don't attend church much. LOL My ideas and views could easily be considered "teaching false doctrine" LOL


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I would be called a heretic. A heritic literally means someone that thinks for themselves :) I was even asked to step down fron leading a spirituyal group at the church I used to go to.


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I too am a Christian, though not much of a burch going one. I feel that churches generally discourage people from finding their own answers in the Bible and dismiss any critical thought about interpretation. I also do not support the traditional polygamy model and practice a more gender equal polyamory. In fact my wife has two boyfriends and I currently have none.
And is very interesting.


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Exactly What I'm Looking For

This thread is exactly what I'm looking for in joining, Christians discretely practicing their faith without causing others of weaker faith to stumble. I too prefer one-on-one conversations when it comes down to specifics: :)
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We still get quite a few emails generated from this thread and we answer every one.

It may look like the thread has gone fallow, but the discussions continue vibrantly. :)

Send us an email or a PM if you are interested.


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This is a very needed thread

Okay, so it's Sunday, so I guess I should finally get around to posting here! :p

Periwinklesunset and I are Christian, and we are of the opinion that the most frustrating thing that keeps more people from finding Christ are Christians themselves! We've become a parody of ourselves. Atheists, pagans, and all other religions combined have nothing on our ability and tenacity for shooting our own wounded and letting others feel unwelcome. However, atheists, pagans, and other religions pride themselves on the open acceptance and love for others. Isn't that supposed to be our bag?:confused:

We kept trying to find a church that didn't deliver some kind of underhanded hate, dismissal of certain kinds of people, or guilt-doctrine and came up empty (and this was back when we lived in Bay Area California, mind you). We'd be standing there listening and thinking, "well this is nice, but could I bring my lesbian relatives here?". The problem is that the church is the public face of the religion, but too many churches twist and turn Christ's teachings into a different message of exclusion and oppression. No one outside knows that the church is NOT Christ, just a flavored representative. I'm losing faith in the concept of the church. If someone asks me about my faith, I'm forced to say "well, church is a drag, but I assure you, Jesus loves you and thinks you're wonderful". Not exactly a compelling argument...

So I say all of that because what struck me is that polyamory seems to be a very Christian ideal (unconditional agape love for others), but that has been forgotten. In fact, this was the first thread I looked at before I joined, (and have been meaning to get back to). Also, I'm all for open discussion here on the board, because PMs and emails don't reach casual passers-by, or those who are on the fence. Ultimately, to combat the negative influence the church has, I think we have to do it one-on-one, (which, if I recall is what Jesus would have us do).

Okay I said my piece, off to try a church around here...


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Wow, does that come off as snarky?! I only really meant to bump the thread, say "good on you" for having it, and add my 2 cents. Didn't mean to come off as cranky as it sounds in retrospect. I'm actually a pretty laid back Christian.


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Looking for Encouragement

Hi all. Just joined up after reading this post. A little about myself, I've been married 26 years to my wife. I've been out to her as bi for the last 25 years. I've recently come to accept that I need to be with a man and a woman to be happy and complete. I've read the book Divine Sex and love it. I've asked my wife to read the book and she said she would, but she's very busy with work and so she's reading about 1 page every other day. We are both commited Christians and have had this stumbling block to our marriage, (my being bi) and I believe that this book will resolve the issue for better or worse. What I mean is that I hope she will come to understand that it's not God who has place all these restrictions on marriage being only monogomous (sp?) and that we can open up as a couple to adding a man in some way to our marriage. Or, she will state that she does not believe that our marriage can be opened up and it will come to an end (not my desire). Anyway... Thanks for reading.. sorry about the spelling errors..


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Just finished reading that book (Divine Sex).
Excellent book! I loved it!

Brainfreezy-i agree, polyamory does very much seem to echo a lot of "original" christian values and I am right there with you that Christians tend to be the #1 group to scare people away from Christ. :( So sad.

In reference to the church trouble, there was a lady on here before (Ceoli) who mentioned on a few occasions her involvement with the UU church... (Unitarian Universalist Church). There is a group that is promoting poly, that is UU... I included their website below... You may find that it is more "your style" than churches you've found thus far.
I haven't found one near us, but I'm interested in learning more about them. I read a little about the church on wikipedia and found that it greatly mirrors my own beliefs.


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Question. As Christian polies, are you all "out"? Or do you keep it under wraps because of the church and the retaliation that you and your family would face (children included, you know it gets passed down to their peers)?


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As Christian polies, are you all "out"?

Pretty much. I don't know if the leaders of the congregation know. I haven't faced any harassment or questioning for my bipoly, just astonishment and curiosity. That is probably though because the congregation is heavily youth- and young adult-dominated. I co-lead a group and help with the mass, but am not actively involved in the weekly running of things.


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Question. As Christian polies, are you all "out"?

I am as out as I could possibly be in my Unitarian Universalist church. I chair the chapter of UUs for Polyamory Awareness that meets at our church. I work the UUPA booth in the Exhibit Hall during our annual General Assembly of the Association. One year I co-led a workshop during the General Assembly. I've discussed the issue with many ministers and leaders from various administrative levels. And I'm listed as contact person on the Internet.

In my home church, I'm on the team that leads the adult Sunday school class, and I serve on other committees and task teams. I'm also active in the UU Christian Fellowship.



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I have recently admitted to my husband about the desire for polyamory. And ironically, also recently started attending church again after a 7 year absence.

So I'm very happy about this thread. It is wonderful to know there are other Christian polys. I would say I express my spiritual-self through Christianity, but not exclusively as there are elements of natural-world paganish tendencies in me to (as in I greet trees as equal beings and give them hugs).

This journey into polyamory is going to be an interesting one! And definitely something I will be keeping in the closet (unless directly asked) within the Christian community for now.