bisex man want a bisex couple


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Since I tried my bisexuality I think this possibility. I know that our modern society still has many misconceptions about this union of three persons but I do not believe that the whole world thinks the same. I open this discussion in the forum because i'm sure many people want to leave an opinion. Hope that you like my profile... see you soon. touchtomuch


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Moved to this board by default. Let me know if you're elsewhere in the world.


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I feel ya'.

We are a Bi-Male/Straight-Female couple and would really like to find a Bi guy

(but wonder how long he could 3rd wheel before wanting to bring a woman of his own in).

On top of that:
We add the complication of being a mixed aged couple,
with a 24 year gap between myself and the Wife



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omg, know how you feel

i am a female and my girlfriend and i are seeking a male, we are both bisexual, the problem is, i am 27 an she is 49, so every time we meet a man who we like, he always gravitates to me and not my lover, which hurts her feelings, and insults my intelligence. sooo frustrated. are we ever gonna find someone to love us. we love each other and really want someone to share with. :(:confused:


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Dear friends, my idea is not to swing but to live a relationship with a couple. I am a bisexual man who loved to know a couple like-minded liberal and live a busy life the three of us. I'm in Portugal for the moment!... Please add me to msn ( See you soon


So about where in this great big world do you currently reside?


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Very interesting posts. We are a bi-sexual couple who is seeking a third male for a long term relationship. We find plenty of guys to play with, but the idea of them entering into our relationship on an intimate level, seems to confuse them. They say that they are up for it, but we learn rather quickly that they are not. What we want is a relationship where we each care about the other the same, no favorites, just adoration for each other. Everyone gets what they want and need. Seems simple and logical right...? So why such a challenge to find?



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