Blessed Beltain!


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Well, it's this Saturday, but wanted to wish the Pagan's a Blessed Beltain while I'm here and thinking about it. Last weekend I went to a Pagan festival (Michigan Mayfest) and met some great people and camped out over night, despite the pouring rain. Anyways... Hope it's a good one! :)


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But first, Mabon! :)

However lass and me thinks ye are a lass that would be under wiccan tradiation not druidic, since the mabon to druids is born on 21st of December to traditationalists.....


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hi everyone :)
i celebrate -with my friends- mabon the closest sunday to the 22nd. for practical reasons we "have" to meet during the week-end; very few of us meeting here in italy can take days off for celebrations (but someone does this!).

KelticIrishDruid maybe meant about Yule: just a lapsus? :)