Bowling Green, KY anyone?


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Hi there. I'm glad you've taken the time to stop and read .

It's been really lonely since I moved from IN to KY, and I would like to make sure I don't leave any stone *unturned, so to speak. I am looking for a LTR, however, I never say no to people offering me genuine friendship.

I'll tell you a little about me and what I'm looking for as far as romance goes.


I consider myself a hopeless romantic. I know, I know. Practically everyone says that, but it's true.

I am a WoW nerd. I love video games too. I'm a casual gamer, but I am familiar with a good handful of various games and consoles.
I am a proud geek, with all kinds of interests. I like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, D&D, and World of Darkness games like Vampire: the Masquerade. I own three sets of pink dice, even. I don't watch a lot of tv, though I like shows like House, Doctor Who, Ugly Americans, and South Park. I also enjoy some anime and manga.

I simply adore animals, especially dogs. If you do not like almost all animals(and I am being very serious because I could have any combination at any given point, depending on other factors in my life), we may not get along so well.

I don't smoke and don't like it, drugs are a no no period forever. Alcohol is ok a little now and then for me, I can't drink anything straight, just so you know, and I despise beer. I also can't drink wine.

I am most interested in people 21- 35. I appreciate the occasional older admirer but I am sincerely not at all interested in people as old as or older than my own parents.

And please note that I have no interest whatsoever in politics, religion, or organized sports. I don't want to talk about them or hear about them.

I hope I haven't scared anyone off. Feel free to message me or ask me clarifying questions.

**this is not technically a real word, although it comes from one.