Can you make a woman with a disability's dream come true? (Melbourne Australia)


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am 27, living in Melbourne Australia looking for find two submissive (or sub-leaning switch) men who want to have a long-term polyandrous relationship. I would prefer bi guys, but I'm open to two straight men as well. Ideally, the goal would be to eventually live together and build a life together.

I have a physical disability, and use walking sticks, so you must truly be okay with that, and know that I will get fatigued sometimes.

If you can make my dream come true, please message me. Victoria only. Thanks

I really hope to hear from people.

Have an awesome day


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I love the idea of a live in house full of compatible interesting poly people. You may have seen a wonderful movie about Virginia Wolf and the Bloomsbury Circle set in the English countryside around the time of the second world war - the movie is called Living in Squares. This appeals to my wife very much - I think she'd really like a gay male friend to paint and draw and to love. A life of art, philosophy and sensual pleasure. Very counter narrative. Very attractive way to live. We are in our fifties and are very new to polyamory. Feeling our way gingerly.

May your home be filled with lovely people and erotic adventures.