Canada anyone?

Woot! NB here,
I'm in Quebec :)
I'm from Saskatchewan. I know of at least one other board member who is too, but he's mostly a lurker.
zenersh sonne

hi everbody, we are a couple in Montreal 29 and 29 looking for a M
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Howdy, from BC south coast here. Been lurking and posting for a while now. This forum has been great. I have met some pretty cool people here.

I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
We have a relatively large and active poly community here.

Why does that not surprise me? I've heard some great things about Halifax, in terms of acceptance of queerfolk and odd people in general. I really need to make it out there some time. I've got some time over the holidays, but somehow I suspect that humid coastal winters wouldn't be my thing. It may get down to -40 here, but at least it's a dry cold :p