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My wife and I were trying the best way to figure out how to let others know what we are looking for. We use poly as a descriptor for how we are and how we want to live because it fits us the closest. So here goes:
Here are our guiding principles as we search for a couple that would fit us.
Joy, Humor, Consideration, Honesty, Love, and Personal Freedom.
Kind of vague we know but we have been surprised over an over at how others seem not to want or need such principles in their lives. We are above all practical people. Think classical Roman practicality. We find poly to be a better way to live. It is more practical for us to share our house, our food, our love, our time, and our lives with others rather than hoarding what we believe is ours exclusively to ourselves until we smother it.
We are pagan also in a more classical Roman sense. We observe the seasons, we try and not waste what has been given us, we honor Nature and Reason as the creators of us as part of the universe. We find this to be good and simple. We are not hierarchical. We are not searching for a master or a slave but equals. Our last relationship ended because our other wanted to be less than rather than equal and started acting that way. Very messy.
We are in our thirties and want our ideal couple to be in about the same place in life. We have a small child, good careers, happiness, and health. We are sex positive. Sex is good. Period. Or if really good exclamation point. We are looking for a warm sexuality not a sharp one. I guess what we mean by this is we are looking for people to live with and love. For us, sex stems from love , not vice versa.
We want our couple close. Preferably right next door if not in the house. But somewhere within forty minutes of Cincinnati is a must. We want to grow with our couple not visit them. I think that's about it for now. Please message us if you think you and yours are the ones for us.

Too bad you're in Cinncinnati --- we're in Philly and if we weren't so far I would definately like to meet. We are also happily married with a small child and looking to expand our circle of intimacy.

Anyway, good luck in your search. I liked reading your post.
curse the distance!!!


We have family all over Philly that we never see. There's something about a cheese steak and buying things at a Wa-Wa that makes Philly so cool. Thanks for the reply. You're the first to do so. If you're ever in Cincy let us know. We cook well and are chill.