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Hi all,

I am looking to make some poly friends in CO -- I'm located in Aurora, 10 minutes from Denver.

I am 26 bi and with a long-term partner. We have kids. Have been striking out with women and I've been really sad about it. My real-life friends (I only have 2 friends) are too busy for me and do not understand any of my poly relationship woes, they tolerate it at best but they haven't talked to me since COVID because they are nurses and too busy. I guess? Regardless, it feels like i'm going through a life path really alone and unsupported. (other than partner of course).

Just need some friends that can relate to me that don't mind talking here or on facebook, etc. and maybe at some point hang out on weekends.

A little more about me is that I like plants and playing magic the gathering, so if anybody might be interested in plant trading or doing like a fri or weekend magic night that would be so cool. Me and my SO have boxes of cards though they are older.


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First of all why does it seem like poly dating is so hard in Denver? I’m in Lakewood and can’t seem to find anything more than a fleeting “hello, what are your plans for the weekend” type messages off dating sites.

Anywhosers, Hi! I’m D also short in the friend department. Feel free to reach out any time, I don’t have social media, but if you wanted to shoot me a private message and we get along I’d be willing to share my phone number :cool:
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