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So I posted here many a years ago when my husband was kinda pushing the subject. I always knew somewhere in me I could have a poly relationship though I knew I didn't want to start our marriage off as that. Here we are 6 years later and I was the one having the poly talk with him! We have a few things to work on in our marriage but I think we might be moving forward. We are both pretty excited for this!

Thus I think I will be posting and reading more. Love and magic Pyxiegrl


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Welcome back Pyxiegrl,


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Greetings pyxiegrl,

Glad to get acquainted with you. Your advent to the boards predates me by a few years, ;)

Handy link list:

Hope you and your husband have some interesting talks, and even more interesting adventures. Let us know how things go and if we can help!

Kevin T.