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As I am very new to this lifestyle I am still trying to get grounded and figure things out. As it is now, I feel my partner and I have been able to resolve our current issues and move forward.

The biggest factor that seems to impede our progress is communication. We are currently going to couples therapy with a therapist who understands poly dynamic. What I suggested to my partner (L.) is that we come up with some rules around how we communicate and resolve issues that arise. I am like a bomb when I get hit with something that knocks my socks off. I get angry and unhealthy behavior follows right behind me. The way L and I are, we are great when we are getting along, but because we are so passionate, when we are in disagreement we're like when superheroes battle in a city full of mortals.. exaggeration, but you get the point.

I've hear a little through PM conversations and I was wondering what folks do to address issues that arise in their poly relationships. Right now, I'm part of a V with L being the middle. I don't know her partner and won't be meeting him for a bit because I've been told he isn't ready. So what do you folks suggest?

I was just thinking something along the lines of when a situation comes up and someone is about to explode to be like "wait, this is how we address these things, do you need space to process or would you like to start _________"

blank being the method I have yet to set up with my partner. Thoughts?
Thank you so very much :)