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Hello. I am a 30 yr old woman with 5 kids. My husband and I split over a yr ago do to the fact that I fell in love with my now partner. She completed me. I have known for a little while that I truly love both of them and can't see my life without either one. Last night I fessed up to my girlfriend and today to my husband (since we are not legally seperated or divorced). She said she would try this for me. She just wants me, even if she has to share. He is still thinking about it. I am doing research and passing what I find unto him and see what it is he wants to do. I can't choose and if I have to, I would keep things the same as they are now, even with only half a heart. Any advice for a man who would have to share, please feel free to e-mail me. I would be married to him and her and I will be together, but they do not want a sexual relationship with each other or all three together, if this even happens. Thank you for this site!!!!


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Hi and welcome

Your situation is becoming quite common - bi-sexual people wanting a partner of each gender at the same time. There is a blog called A Hot Poly Mess written by three bi-sexual women with husbands. They haven't posted this month but there is a large body of work that you might find useful.

Does your husband know anything about polyamory? Is he interested in learning? I think if he loves you for who you really are (and not who he thinks you should be) he would do some research. Here is a very good place, also the polymono group at yahoo and my blog might be useful.

Good luck


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Hi! I'm new to this site and poly too! Well, I haven't had an official relationship yet, but I'm a bi girl who wants one of each partner too. DH is okay with it, luckily. You're not alone!!