Custom-fitting your relationships to your life

I like how so many Non-monogamist sorts self-report it's not about "jealousy" as much as "scheduling", and so too, finding anybody else locally!" So true, Hah! LDR's suck unless you got "Lesbian Uhaul Effect" and that's too much-a-much, as an old friend on this list used to call it. And even in Mono... It's hard to plan things around schedules (My wife is a Nocturnal-shift RN)/// We can hardly plan around other's worlds.
Anyway... that deal about scheduling as maybe THE major deal for Poly... resonates with every part of my being... and too, fidelity... being a Scorpio, that also informs me, as does getting down on it in the nonce of maybe not a few prefer to go other ways than me, and don't prefer...
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Astrology is not my guide...being more into the Mythical sourceroots... but does seem to reflect on our various, individual perspectives/projections... Other peoples eyes... Ask for/// at your own risk!
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