Been asking myself that same question. I can only assume Philadelphia if you're in the northern part of the state (had a friend that lived in Bear, which was a hop skip away from Philly, AND STILL moved to Philly for a better poly experience).

And if you're in the southern part of the state, I'd assume being willing to travel to D.C.

I know, it's tough. It's crazy to hear the answer to "where do we go in this place," only to have replies of, "Go to another place." But, that's also been my cis-hetero-male-non-adonis perspective in this area. It is skewed, to say the least. Maybe somebody else will chime in here.

If Kevin comes in, he'll tell us what a lot of suggestions are, join (or create) a Facebook group. I'm not on social media, so that's a thing, but I think it's a good suggestion.
Hello poly456,
Try one or more of the following google searches:
  • Delaware polyamory
  • Dover polyamory
  • Wilmington polyamory
  • Philadelphia polyamory
  • Washington DC polyamory
Your goal is to find a local poly group near you that gets together on a regular basis (say once a month). I suppose Philly poly is your most likely bet, but try one or two of the other searches too.

Kevin T.