Dyad looking for mutual secondary

Me and my main partner are looking to add another, preferably female, partner as kind of a mutual secondary. There will be times where we all spend time together at once but they'll also be spending time with each of us individually. I am male, she is female. We're not looking for a Poly Fi relationship, but will accept it if that's what someone wants. Also we'd like to get to know the person before we dive right into it, as even if it's not Poly Fi we aren't wanting something purely sexual either. Also, no guidelines or boundaries have been discussed until we have a willing secondary, because their opinion matters more than some people like to give them credit for. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
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Hey AlduinDidNothingWrong, did you find your mutual secondary? Would you consider a bi male? If so, where are you located? I'm near Lexington, VA.