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Okay, so, anyone paying attention to usernames will probably guess this, but I have the genuine pleasure and privilege of being ThatGirlInGray's bf/partner/thorn-in-the-side.

I'm 29, bisexual, have three kids from a previous marriage (Two from HER previous marriage, and one together. They don't live with me, and for the record, I'm on good terms with their mother.), and am currently unemployed and trapped in the middle of Texas.

I've always kind of known I was polyamorous. I could never really understand the idea that someone can close their heart off to the rest of the world. It just doesn't make sense to me.

I won't go into a lot of detail, but we'll say I found out that monogamy and I don't get along so well. My ex-wife and I tried an open marriage, but she wasn't comfortable with the fact that I couldn't keep it on a "play time" level. I had to feel something for the other person. That's how I came to understand the difference between "swinging" and polyamory.

ThatGirlInGray, I'd known for years. About a decade, if I'm doing the math right (which, I'm probably not and I'm sure she'll come in here and correct me). When my ex-wife announced she wanted a divorce, Gray was there for me.

I already knew that she and her husband had an open relationship, and that gave me a little bit of pause in the beginning, but we'd flirted over the internet for years, so eventually we found ourselves right back in that place.

At first, we swore to each other that we wouldn't fall in love. Yeah, THAT worked.

Anyway, I'm rambling. TL;DR (I stole it, Gray!) I'm very happily involved with ThatGirlInGray, moving out there in California (for a lot of reasons, really), and just basically looking to get to know more people who think like we do.
I'm glad you're here; I'm glad all three y'all are here. :)

Nice intro.:D