Ever meet another poly in person?


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Not someone you met online first. Someone you met in life and found out was poly.

Or have you been able to get someone interested in poly when you told them you were?


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I met boyfriend #1 via the internet but didn't know he was open to the idea of poly until I brought non-exclusivity up on our 2nd date. All the other poly people I've met in person were introduced to me by poly people I already knew.


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My girlfriend. At a swingers party. She was monoamorous at the time.


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Poly group in my area

There is a poly group active in my area. Unfortunately, we weren't comfortable there. They just weren't our kind of people. It reminded me of a gamer convention. LOL.


We have a really strong local community in my home city, so I tend to be around a lot of poly people for most of my social time. I've met a few through non-poly channels or the internet, but I don't actually have a lot of avenues where I go out and meet non-poly people anymore. Work is really the only place I can think of.


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When we were in Albuquerque my V joined the local poly group there, and obviously met many poly people in it. I enjoyed my time there, but I know that's not quite the same as just running into a poly person on the street.


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Aside from my first husband, who introduced me to poly, most of my partners have been new to poly when I got involved with them. I've met a few poly folk in person over the years where we didn't connect first over the internet, it isn't common but it has happened. (I'm not counting in this to many poly folk I met a Atlanta PolyWeekend or Jeff Mach events).


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Of course since so many polys (like me) stay in the closet, you can never know when you might be meeting a poly on the street and they're just not telling you they're poly. Just sayin'


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When Chops came out as poly to our group of friends (and the nature of our relationship came out as well), I received some messages from a mutual friend (from way back in the high school days) a few months later. She and her husband were navigating a poly relationship, and was wondering if I could talk to him, since he's also mono and was having difficulty.

They remain in the closet about it, but it was interesting to see that someone within our group of friends is also Poly.


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Hubby met someone at school who happens to be poly. They clicked as friends then decided it must have had something to do with subconscious poly-dar or something. Lol but, we live in a very liberal are with tons of poly people who live openly, so it's not all that surprising to me.


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So MartialArtist is the brother of an acquaintance of mine - the "fun" part was that I found out after he and I started dating that she's poly too. 'Course, he was deep enough in the closet (for good reason, as it turns out) that I don't think she knows I am nor that I know she is. Convoluted, no? :eek:
I discovered that one of my employees is poly, after having worked with her for about a year. We became Facebook friends, and I snooped around on her page. :)


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Yes, after I came out to everyone, a friend emailed me to share that she and her husband were poly and had been for years. They've remained closeted, but it has been nice to know that poly people hide in plain sight. :)


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After we came out, my sister and my stepbrother also came out. Additionally, many of my classmates came out to me in particular, feeling safe to share their "hidden lives" with me on account of knowing my life.

I jointly started the poly group in our town with a friend who has since moved away. I no longer participate in the group, but have numerous acquaintances who do, some of whom work or go to school at the college I attend.

I know of several poly families in our immediate area (we live outside of town).

So-yeah, I guess so.

I have also taken time to go meet a number of people whom I met here originally. People from Canada, Washington and California. All of whom I have retained contact with and continue to visit when I leave Alaska.


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I learned one of my good friends and her husband are in a V. Not exactly the same as meeting someone but I hadn't known it till a few weeks ago when I was discussing some of my lifestyle choices with her. Looking back, I can see her being of the open mindedness to be poly.


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a friend

I have a friend who I believe is poly but I don't think she knows it...or at least doesn't know the term exactly. She is married to a male but gets a lot of her emotional and some physical affection from her girlfriend who's married to another guy. Both the men know about their relationship and are ok with it. Very interesting bc she is one of the only friends I have told about me being into poly (tho I didn't have a name for it when we first talked about it when I was still in college a few years ago) and she told me "good for you, but I can't see how I could EVER do that because I'd be too jealous" and yet she now has more experience with it then I do and doesn't realize it! Lol it's something I am going to be talking about with her soon to get some perspective and ask how she handles all the different aspects of their (the four of them) relationship! :)


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The Philosopher and his now ex-wife were dabbling when I met him. Strangely enough, it was the ex who was promoting the experimentation, but she has zero skills in maintaining any relationship.