Excitement is a Lonely Place


I'm feeling like I'm the only person in my life who is excited by my recent discovery that I'm poly. They have all known for a long time (years); it's still very new to me (less than a month), which might be part of the problem.

I'm eager to learn about this newfound part of myself. I just want to find one person to be excited with me.

I start therapy Wednesday. Hopefully the new therapist will share in some of my excitement, because being excited alone sucks.
I went through that and read everything I could get my hands on, binged podcasts and dumped everything I learned on my best friend, ex husband and new partner...I still gush whenever anyone sounds interested and I'm 3 years in....but I still consider myself a total noob.

I guess I pick good partners or got lucky because it's been smooth sailing for all of us (except everyone finding partners). Being the only woman involved, I haven't had the difficulty the men have...so far none of my three partners have been able to find anyone steady in 3 years. Just infrequent one or two offs that don't go anywhere.

That's been the chief challenge. No drama, no issues, just great relationships.
Hi abnorm,

I'll be excited with you, if you want. Being polyamorous is a really big deal, something people should celebrate with you, not just say, "Oh, well, whatever." I hope your upcoming therapist shares in your excitement.

Kevin T.
Happy for you that you are coming to new realizations and new knowledge about yourself so you can know yourself better. :)

Hope you can find someone IRL to share your excitement with. I know online is not the same as IRL.

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