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Hi everyone!

I am moving from Florida to Fukushima this month for a couple years to teach English. I won't know anyone in the area and am looking for some poly folks to make some new friends.

Does anyone know about poly communities in Japan? I speak a bit of Japanese, if that helps.



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Poly in Tokyo

Hi there! I'm sure you are already in Japan now and this reply might be too late, but I thought I'd reply anyway.

Fukushima... a very traditional area. I have my doubts as to whether you would find much in the way of a poly community at all there. If there is one, you'd likely need to speak and read Japanese to find it since I really doubt there would be many people who are fluent in English.

I also would not expect much of a welcome from locals. Even the poly community in Tokyo, which is a far more sophisticated and international city, the locals are loath to have gaijin in their groups. The poly community here is pretty well segregated, and while we have a few locals in our group of mainly foreigners, the Japanese groups don't have any foreigners at all, at least, the ones I know of do not.

I once asked to attend a poly meeting with a Japanese friend of mine (I can speak Japanese fluently and have lived in Japan 26 years) and I was told "muzukashii", which basically means "no" in a polite, indirect way. Basically, they just aren't comfortable with foreigners. What can I say...Japan tends to be rather racist.

I'd say your best bet would be to form your own group, use Facebook to network, and see if you can find people in any of the bigger cities. If you ever come to Tokyo our poly group is fairly large. You can find us on Meetup.com "Tokyo Polyamory & Open Relationships Social Group" and on Facebook, "Poly Tokyo".

Frankly speaking,