F looking for MMF/MFM/MMFM


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Hi I’m looking to start a LTR with a Triad/Quad of men. I’m in Washington and don’t mind travel. I’m very new to this type of relationship but I’m finally in the right place emotionally and mentally to go after what I want. Message me if your interested or just want to chat I’m here to learn, grow, and love. So any advice will be received with gratitude.


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Feel free to post in the Poly Relationships section if you want general advice on polyamory and how to handle multiple partners. :)


I have this developing with a small select group in Montana right now. This is beyond lust as we have a complete program so we are looking for a couple women to join and some are already want to come and see what we have. Not exactly sure what your parameters are. But just letting yo know its going on.

we are doing this as a more traditional part of life that doesnt go by the LGBT Agenda because it leaves alot of the complications out.


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Thank you for your offer, I’ll keep this in my mind and think on it.

As for the tribe/colony what do you mean exactly do you have more members in your “tribe” if so how many? What are you trying to accomplish in this tribe, family, love, or something else?

When you say it leaves out the LGBT Agenda, what do you mean?

Also what do you mean when you say complete program?

Thanks for the reply though