Female looking for a couple

We are in Deep south Georgia.
We are in TN

Hello. We are in TN about 25 miles east of Nashville. We are looking for a girl to have fun with. Movies, camping, bon fires, dancing, mall trips, and so on. If you would like to talk more just let us know.
Middle Tennessee couple looking

We are a couple looking to expand our friends and relationships. She is 30 he is 34 we're looking for females and couples. We are about 70 miles south of Nashville.
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We live near Chattanooga in the county. She is busy homemaker with community interests. He works outside the house but does work from home sometimes. We both want to add to our household long term. We are very artistic, She photography. He writes and is an artist. When home very private but enjoy entertaining as well as going out, travel, restaurants, shows, festivals, gatherings, etc. I hope you might be interested enjoy for us to chat more.
Please reach out !!!
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