Female seeking 2 males for long term closed triad.


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Hi. 37, blonde, blue eyes, I live in Denver. Looking for 2 men who want 1 woman to all fall in love with each other. 3 income households ftw., let's get a cabin in the mountains and raise small horses or something. I attached a photo of me. Pm me if interested.
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Hello Jc303,

MFM V's are pretty common in polyamory, FMM triads are a bit more rare but not unheard-of. I hope you'll find what you're looking for, I like that you live in Denver!

Kevin T.


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Thanks!! I appreciate the feedback. I'm open to either forms, but ideally want a fmm.


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jc303, welcome to the forum. I recognize the 303 in your user id as the Denver area code, one of the original ones from 1947. I used to live in Lakewood just west of Denver when I was younger. I enjoyed the summer, not the winter.

btw I don't see any attached photos, maybe it didn't upload?


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Can a mod move this to the dating section?