Feminine Straight Male seeks 2 Females


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Im 39 but so young looking and healthy.. i love being outside, i love the sun and ocean.. i love protecting nature, as the sun is my father, and ocean my mother.. im very super intelligent, have learned so much and will never stop.. i have lived all across america..

I have such a strong feminine side yet im a male, and only want two females, but no one will ever understand.. im not like guys with a fantasy.. im a passionate romantic, with making love, not sex, and all living all so much, so truly with trust..

I dream so much of being such a good dad for two lovely ladies.. i literally had a dream..

While I identify as "mostly heterosexual" or "heteroflexible", I am totally in love with two women truly in love.. esp wanting child..

Im never marrued, no kids, and want to join a committed happy trusting relationship like this and stay forever.. im such a good man and a very hard worker, and I cant wait to be the best father ever..

Im in Panama City, Fl..

Would you like to get to know each other more?



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