Fetlife in the house!


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Okay, so we have a OKC in the house thread, I figured a Fetlife one was in order....

Mines the same name as OKC... which I won't tell in public. But you can ask me, k? :D


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Think Ill just look over LR's shoulder for the time being:p


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I joined there, made a profile, added one small pic. My acct languished for abt 3 mos and then one day, someone msged me to ask me if I'd like to collar her. The next day, a man msged me. We've been talking, and want to meet in a couple wks. He's an exped Dom.


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;) see what you did to me!

Actually joined after seeing this thread..finding an interesting read haven't quite found a comfy spot there, sure it will happen tho. :D


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I recently joined fetlife, after a few friends suggested it. PM me if you'd like to know how to find me there.


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I'm the same as on here though, but my profile sucks ass! :D

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.