Fluid bonding and cleanup


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To those of you who have vaginas and are fluid bonded to more than one penis owner (or are partnered to someone in that situation and know your partner's routines):

What's your favorite method of cleanup between partners (sometimes in quick succession) that does not disrupt vaginal flora?

We're all tested and currently in a closed system, so it's not a safety issue, but rather a consideration/hygiene thing in terms of texture, scent, and taste.


Mine is nitpicking, but, I use different sheets, and duvet covers... different panties...(at least one pair each of my favourite ones, and then each person chose a pair for me and bought me some too!) And then I use non-scented /non chemical soap (Like Simple brand). I also avoided douching, or sprays down there, and made sure the boys clean their nails and teeth before going down on me to avoid bacteria (prone to UTI's), and also I use a showerhead to clean inside the vaginal walls. I think you can get something similar to pipettes to clean out the inside as well with plain water too, but I also found a hot bah or using shower head worked. I've still not found any way to keep the bacteria in check other than eating pro-biotic yogurt but since I have an intolerance to milk its a bit of a double edged sword to be honest. :)

I think I did use the bacterial supplements that you insert as a cream once with a partner who we had sex a lot, before poly, that might help. It was the kind over the counter that is actually used to help for Bacterial Vaginosis. I didn't have that at the time, just an imbalance in PH, and it was suggested by my doctor to try that. I later found out was me being allergic to sperm. But that seemed to help then and may help with the re-balancing?:rolleyes: It's worth a shot anyway.

So I take it all is ok with the fluid bonding with both now? :D Congrats on that!


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I've been fluid bonded with a couple of my more serious bfs. My nesting partner is female but pre-op trans. We don't do intercourse anymore, but when we did, and now, all I did or do was wash up or shower in between sex with one or the other. We haven't had any problems.


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I rarely have sex with more than one partner in a given day. On those rare occasions, I just quickly wash up when I get to whichever place I didn't have sex in. I don't have sex with any partner in the same place as any other; I prefer not to have other partners come to the home I share with Hubby, so I see my other partners at their homes. So cleaning up bedding isn't an issue. (My partners who have other partners do see the other partners at their homes; they wash the bedding between partners.)


What's your favorite method of cleanup
Easy -- use condoms.

Half my partners have used birth-control pills, or were sterilized, & in a few cases preferred a cervical cap or diaphragm.

And most of the time I prefer to have a few condoms handy.

Sure, it's nice to occasionally (or for intervals) have the difference in sensation... but I noted very early in my sexual experience that pressure & rippling & stuff like that meant a LOT more than mere friction. (Besides, with sex partners who lubricate profusely, how much friction can there possibly be???)

And, I feel good when I'm still mobile, my lover is half-comatose, & I can take care of most of the moisture without harshing the mellow overmuch. (A warm soft washcloth is usually not rejected either.)

Kinda sexist when "cleaning house" is a completely CHICK thing, eh? :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the input, everyone! Sounds like just a quick wash-up is probably adequate in nearly all cases. :)

I also don't have the bedding problem, since there is never (at least not at this point) location crossover.


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I don't wash bedding in between my bf and my gf, because I squirt so much, I have to throw down a tarp, um, a quilted washable sheet protector pad, before having sex. So once sex is over, just throw that in the wash. Of course one could change pillowcases if one cared, but my lovers' hair is clean so we don't care.

Unless the pillows went under something other than a head, then I guess changing would be in order.