Flutes and Chariots


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I want to make a tribute to the people who took a dive into something special, to the bottom, to where I was and to where I dwelled. It was more than I could have ever asked for, a privilege to know them, and to legitimately know something friendly from them. I learned that it's only on top where they teach you to use your head, and it isn't a lesson you can learn twice. I had already gotten advice, from a sage I think of often: "Never violence". Did I listen? Saying "yes" to that 99% of the time isn't good enough. I wonder to myself "How could so much fall out from such a simple piece of advice?" It isn't something you can understand until you're failing against the true master, when you learn that it isn't you, and couldn't be where you sit. It was one of the happiest things to discover, that someone would care enough, and it's hard to realize that it doesn't matter who, if not, yourself. Hello. Hopefully the 99% can serve the 1% in this blog.