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When I preview (or post) a thread I wrote, each sentance starts and ends with an asteric. HOW DO I STOP THIS. I'm using an iPhone 3G... I know, it's an antique...
Although it didn't happen here..



This is the problem I was talking about. I did not type on any asterich (*) in the following paragraph but they appear when I view print preview. I draft, then cut and paste from the notepad feature on my iPhone.
How can I prevent the asterichs from appearing. It seems if I type directly into the sites message field the asterichs do not appear. I get bumped off the site now and again and loose what I've written, thats why I cut and paste... I'm a bit long winded... Thanks

Havin some trouble here...*
**I'm having very uncomfortable emotional 'liablity' issues with my mono girlfriend L. *I was upfront with her from our first 'date' that I had other people in my life. *** * (I ruined my marriage by not being truthful and have since vowed total disclosure, perhaps too much so.) the problem is that I can't seem to help L understand I want her in my life but NEED time for myself, and my others.


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I can't answer the asterisk question because I don't have an iphone, but if you select "Remember me" when you login, you won't be timed out while writing long posts. So this eliminates the need to copy and paste posts from some other format.

Also, when I want to leave the site, I just close the browser window (or tab), and do not logout. Next time I visit, I'm automatically logged in - all because of cookies from "Remember me" being checked. Makes life easier.


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This is a really new one, an I expect it's an issue of your iPhone rather than the forum. What it looks like is special characters like tabs or line feeds, possibly backspaces from corrections, double spaces or something else like that is being cut & pasted from your notepad into the post. The forum filters out certain characters as well, especially on the unicode set. I don't have a definite answer for you yet.


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Sorry, but that strikes me as really**rather* funny***, LOL *:D**

(Heh, teasing you islandgy9)

Hey, whatever about your phone, I have a blackberry bold and I do almost all my forumming and moding on it. I don't have any phone envy and I am not ashamed. It works perfectly fine. I don't play those stupid "I have a better phone than you" games. Drives me crazy. I get really irritated when people watch me use this phone and are surprised I can take pictures and send them via email or load them on fb, or ... Oh surprise surprise... ! TEXT SOMEONE. Whatdatheythink, just because its not that phone or this phone its totally useless?! Whatever, a phones a phone is a phone. If it works then that's the main thing.

Thanks for the inpromptu vent :D :p


I posted some stuff months ago and was 'repremanded' for 'using' all those damn asterichs (*)... allbeit inadvertently. I get bounced off a lot as my service is sketchy...
If I post again I'll appologize ahead of time for the ****'s, cuz it's way to frustrating to have my significantly self edited writings dissapeare after taking so long to get what I am trying to say.... out.
I am always signed in to but have lost postings or replies when I loose service it seems.
I also can't seem to access the sites spell check.... OBVIOUSLY!!! :0

redpepper- I do like my iPhone but I am not touting that I have one... it is an older version so I thought in mentioning that, it might have some relevance, that's all. It is a smart phone though, and waaaayy smarter than I.
Thanks for all of your thoughts. IG