Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

That's fantastic news! I hope the Sept 1st bit gets a green light.
Counter offer accepted! So glad!!! He starts on Monday.
Super-great news!! Love that the medical dates will coincide. So relieved for you all and excited for DarkKnight.
So very happy for all of you! (have been following along with bated breath).
Annnnnd my mother in law was just admitted to the hospital for congestive heart failure. DarkKnight left to drive up to Chambersburg to see how things are. She’s waiting for a private room. DarkKnight and I had a brief discussion about the shitshow that will occur if she passes without updating her will, but I honestly want no part of it. She’s made clear that I am only married to DarkKnight because I am after his money. Sure thing, because aspiring to be middle class is every golddigger’s dream! I know it is going to be a mess and I refuse to get involved. If he ends up with nothing after fighting with his cheating stepdad and two sisters, I don’t even care. The thought of having to hire a lawyer and figure out where her money and DarkKnight’s father’s money went is a stress I don’t care about at all. Though it would be nice to have cash in the bank again, I’d rather just budget and save than have to deal with the family fuckall that will be going on once his mom passes.

Meanwhile, today has been very busy for me. I am trying to get the foster room sanitized and that is slow going. I am almost done but it seems to have taken forever. PunkRock and I are supposed to go and pick up the new occupants tonight after 6 pm.
Yay! for the job negotiation working out so sweet! Oh No! for DK having to deal with family insanity just as he gears up for the new job!

I hope you will soon be de-stressed and feeling healthy!

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So, so, so GLAD that the job offer came through! WHAT a relief that must be for you! (not that you don't have other stress going on of course).
So, so, so GLAD that the job offer came through! WHAT a relief that must be for you! (not that you don't have other stress going on of course).
So happy about the job offer!!
Sorry with everything going on with DK's family, though... hang in there.
I don’t even know where to start. DarkKnight’s mom has been transferred to a hospital an hour and 40 minutes away. They have a better cardiac unit but now everyone is at a distance. She has been shocked back to life twice now, and they said further shocks will not be good for her system. She is on a drug right now that is murder for all of her organs, but if they stop it, she will die. She has fuckups with her kidneys, liver enzymes and she is on antibiotics for pneumonia. She will die without a valve surgery but they can’t touch it until she is stable.

I went to the Chambersburg hospital on Saturday, because they thought she may not make it. She was very confused a lot of the time. DarkKnight’s stepdad’s daughter (follow that? Lol) was there and she was being over the top loud about how my mother in law was going to die in that hospital because they were ignorant and she knew a surgeon personally at this other hospital who would oversee her case everyday and she was saying extremely racist things about the doctors where we were at. I was like, what in the holy hell? Who is this chick and why is she even opening her mouth? The nurses said they could put in a transfer, but that my mother in law had to sign and be okay with it. Chick just kept getting louder. The actual cardiologist came in and spoke quietly about how the other hospital definitely ranked higher on positive outcomes, but how thoracic surgeons would not be overseeing the case, and nothing would probably be done until all of the things were stable. Since MIL just started the antibiotic, that wouldn’t be for a while. She was welcome to transfer but not much would be different until everything with her calmed down.

When the nurses brought in the transfer paperwork, my MIL was like, well I don’t know if I want to sign it, I would rather recover closer to home. Racist trash started telling her again it was in her best interest so this surgeon could oversee her health. I told her, enough, that wasn’t true, the nurses and the cardiologist both said they could never guarantee that. She stormed out of the room, and a few minutes later, stepdad came storming in and started yelling at the top of his lungs that I needed to get the fuck out because I was killing his wife.

Seriously. Nurses started running in, telling him he needed to calm down or leave because, hello HEART PATIENT, and MIL was saying what? What? And that I didn’t need to leave. Everyone had been sitting in there, talking quietly, and then this dude comes running in screaming and shouting. He advanced on me, like he was going to grab me, and then suddenly DarkKnight was there in front of me (I was still seated), telling him he needed to step back and calm down.

Stepdad swung at DarkKnight, screaming that HE needed to get the fuck out and that he wasn’t welcome in the hospital any more. DarkKnight’s mom was like, um, what the fuck, no, that’s my SON. At this point security arrived and stepdad was made to leave.

We were all kinds in shock after that. I was like, um, all I said was that thought I do think like this other hospital sounds like a good choice, but you need to know that a surgeon isn’t going to come and visit you everyday, especially when you don’t even know if or when you would be a candidate to be a patient of his! Fucking crazy, holy shit.

We ended staying there until midnight, until the transfer went through. Stepdad showed up later to just sit there and then said he wasn’t going to the other hospital with her because he had started a load of dishes at home. Wtf this guy. My MIL told us she had gone back through this dude’s browser history and apparently the day before, the day of, and the day after his previous wife had died, he was soliciting and meeting other men for sex. Like, he couldn’t even stop for that. She said she feels like he is probably still doing it, though they apparently reconciled some. Still, she asked me if I could get her old wedding ring and bring it to her, and her burial plot paperwork so she can be buried next to DarkKnight’s dad. I talked to DarkKnight’s older sister about this and she said she doesn’t care about that at all, but his younger sister said she would take care of it.

DarkKnight drove up to the new hospital yesterday super early in the morning - this was after we were at the hospital until midnight - and then stayed until almost noon. He missed one of his play performances, but was able to get to the other with a few minutes to spare. Of course, he started his new job today, so he won’t be able to go back up until this coming weekend.

I do not want to go up there at all. Fuck that.

Honestly, whenever I see stepdad, I am filled with such loathing and rage. All I can focus on is that this guy tried to get my husband to cheat on me, with the help of my other husband. The fact that he believes that it was no big deal makes me want to vomit violently. Just thinking about it makes me see red and I am having trouble typing this! I feel really violated, to be honest. Then to have him try to hit DarkKnight and keep him from being with his mom? Ugh.

On top of this, my oldest daughter has dropped off the face of the earth again. I sent her messages in a couple of different places, telling her about her grandma and she hasn’t replied. I know this means she is using again. My heart hurts so much. PunkRock noticed last night that I had a hidradenitis or auto-immune flair going on - nothing popping through the skin, but my arms are just FULL of lumps under the skin. Like, if you rub my arm, you can feel squishy-hard marbles up and down them. One is actually the size of like three cherry tomatoes put together. They hurt when I press on them, and of course I have the fatigue feelings going on. I honestly hadn’t noticed, because I am stressing about everything else.

I had the Blessing Box closed for two days and today I have been all alone at home, so I was cleaning parts of the house while working on a lot of the overflow that had been ignored. DarkKnight is home now, so I am going to see how his first day went. His smile tells me it is good news. :)
I got my period today, right on time. So at least stress didn’t effect my cycle this time! Still, I feel ugh. I showered tonight too, which is something I hardly every do - I am a morning person for showers! The gas company told me that they were shutting off our service from 7 am til like noon tomorrow though, and I didn’t want to miss out on hot water! They are still working on installing a new pipeline down our street.

I am not very tired at the moment, but DarkKnight is snoring beside me and PunkRock went to bed a short bit ago. They are both working tomorrow, though PunkRock is doing it for overtime cash. I have 3 volunteers coming in tomorrow to help me with Blessing Box stuff, so I am glad of that. Being alone this week has been weird. I have been depressed about it. Actually - it’s not the alone part that is hard; it’s the no DarkKnignt part. I mean, I miss PunkRock, but he is regularly gone to work during the day. DarkKnight has been home with me everyday for like, the last 7 or 8 years! Even though he was working, he was still just down the hall and now he’s not.

I took my Rogue in for an oil change on Wednesday and the CV joint has a tear. $470. I am not getting this fixed. I have paid on this vehicle for 2 years and have 2 years left on the note, and we have spent over $7000 ON TOP OF THE PAYMENTS to keep this thing running. No more. I am throwing in the towel. I am really fucking pissed about it too, since we will sure as shit be upside down when I trade it in. I feel almost paralyzed about it - what to do? Thank goodness DarkKnight is back to work, but I am a little nervous that he just started. Hopefully we can still get another car loan. His lowest credit score when I pulled all 3 was like a 770, and our credit utilization on our cards is at 0%. The only things we are paying on is the current car loan, my student loan, and the mortgage. I am angry that this is fucking up all of my financial planning, because never in my life have I had a car loan longer than 48 months, and now I am worried we are going to have to get one much longer to get out from under this piece of shit SUV.

Sigh. More stress I don’t need. I am also worried about what kind of car to get. PunkRock has a Honda Fit and we al love it (paid in full). My Rogue is the car we take when traveling together - my guys are big dudes and we need to be comfortable. I would prefer to get another SUV but when I test drove the Rogue 2 years ago, it was the only one I liked. I think instead we are going to get a smaller car. We have talked about the Toyota Camry or Corolla. I owned one before my son took it - I gifted it to him and bought the Rogue. We are also looking at a Prius. Maybe another Fit. It depends on how much room is in each one, I guess. DarkKnight and I will be sharing it, until next summer probably. I wanna buy a car for myself then, but something less than $4000 - I don’t want another car loan! The thing is, if we don’t get an SUV, I won’t be able to deliver furniture to people in the community for the Blessing Box. It’s a real need, but I have been overruled in using that as a consideration. I am still going to test drive some again though.
Never thought I would say this but I have fallen in love with my Kia Soul. It never needs anything beyond basic maintenance. We have ran the wheels off of it too. It has been back and forth to Charlotte 3 times. NYC 4 times. NJ several times. Back and forth to Cincinnati 4 or 5 times. To Philly over a half dozen times. I drive 20 miles one way to work daily. 40 miles one way to Murfs house from work several days a week. And 24 miles for one house to the other on the other days. I run errands an hour to two hours away several times a month.

The back seat is huge. Butch is 6 foot. Moose, my 16 yo is 5'10 with a 35 inseam, and Squirrel is 12 and 5'6". They rode comfortably together to DC and back which is 4 hrs away in the back seat. I can easily fit a 50 inch tv in the back with the seats down. It gets 35 mpg highway and 30 in the city.

The only thing I will change next time is I want a turbo. Living in the Mountains I would like more pick up. My mechanic says they live forever and they are very affordable.
DarkKnight and I went to the Honda dealership in town today. I was angry and anxious to even have to be there. I don’t think being on my period helped. DarkKnight checked out the HRV, an Accord, a Civic hatchback and a Fit. PunkRock already owns a Fit, and honestly, DarkKnight liked it the best. The driver seat was a tight fit for him in all of the others. Apparently we were checking out the LX version - the Sport style looked like it was made for a 20 year old kid. Lol We looked online though, and I think DarkKnight prefers the EX version. We are thinking of buying brand new at the moment, but we haven’t crunched numbers. We looked around the Toyota dealership briefly as well - we are going to go back and look at the Corolla and the RAV4.

I don’t know anything about Kias. I think we are going to stick with either getting a Honda or a Toyota, and not look at anything else. This is going to be DarkKnight’s car 90% of the time, now that he is working outside of the home. Whatever we get, there is going to be a kickass warranty, because I am fucking pissed about my Rogue.

I am probably not the best person to be making this decision right now. I am angry about having 2 more years of payments left on the Rogue, and the fact that this means we will be upside down on it.
I'm sorry your other car pooped out!

I got a RAV4 4 years ago, and I couldn't love it more. I'm just a bit plus size and it fits me great, room to spare. It's fun and easy to drive. It hauls a shit load of stuff in the back.

One of my best friends got a new RAV4 a year ago, and it's even groovier than mine.

Pixi got a Scion at the same time (though they've been discontinued sadly). She also tried a Kia but we liked the Scion much better. But she's petite and has short arms so it works best for her handicap. The controls are easily reached.
Dude recently got back from a trip and told me he got to ride in a Prius for the first time - said it was much roomier than he had thought, he could stretch out his legs in the back seat!:eek: (He is 6ft1)
I LOVE my Fit! It's my favorite car I've ever owned, and actually has a remarkable amount of cargo space with the seats down (as I'm sure you already know).
My partner has a fit and it’s not bad, so do several of my friends, but I like my Mazda 3 much better (weirdly, my meta is on her second, though the brand new one’s styling isn’t quite as cute as the previous model).
DarkKnight and I are going to the Toyota dealership today to hopefully see more about the Prius!
We have definitely decided on the Honda Fit. I got an online quote a couple of days ago, and I think DarkKnight is going to take it to CarMax this weekend to get another trade-in quote, so when we go to the Honda dealership we have a clear idea of the value they should be offering us.

My depression and anxiety about my oldest daughter is at an all-time high. She stopped updating all social media and I hadn’t heard from her in a month. She was ignoring my texts and phone calls. I finally messaged her saying that I was going to call the police if I didn’t hear from her and she responded in like 2 minutes, saying she was good and how was I? I answered and she then ignored me again. I want to throw up. This is not my daughter - this is drugs.

That said, my youngest came over yesterday and spent the entire day with me. Her car has been giving her issues and I let her clean my house in exchange for buying her a new battery. She still owes me $500+ so I wasn’t going to just give her the cash, but at the same time, I definitely wanted to help her. She needed a new battery, and I had been bugging her about an oil change. Good thing too - when she went into the shop last night, they said her car had no oil left and it wouldn’t have lasted another 24 hours without the motor seizing! She had been needing to have the thing jumped constantly because the battery was just sooo corroded. Sigh. She was so very happy to have the issues taken care of - and I was too!

Otherwise, she has some good and bad things going on. She was dealing with some significant sexual harassment at work from her stalker and she finally went and filed another complaint. It seems to be handled now, but she is unhappy with her position and the money she is making - in spite of being a department manager. She ended up applying at the warehouse where PunkRock is currently working online yesterday, so I hope that may help alleviate some of her stress. Her relationship with her boyfriend is going amazing apparently - they’ve been talking about getting married in the future, and it is awesome to see her light up when she talks about him. I still cautioned her though, as they are still in the honeymoon phase and she’s 21. Still, young love is awesome to witness.

I have nothing to report on my own love life. I’m not looking or searching for anything right now. I feel like everything is on hold until I can somehow get through this crisis with my older daughter. Things are amazing with DarkKnight and PunkRock. The mood in our house is better, now that DarkKnight has found a job. He is happy there so far. I enjoy making his lunch for the next day, every evening. I do the same for PunkRock, so I feel domestic for a short time each night!

Actually, I actually do some cleaning every day. Being home alone is somewhat stressful for me, but I get plenty of visitors from the Blessing Box so that helps. I focus on that, and then I try to fit in other quick chores throughout the day. It’s very unlike me! Lol

DarkKnight’s mom is home from the hospital. They really couldn’t do much for her so they released her. I’m not sure what the specifics are, other than it isn’t a positive outcome that we are headed for with it.

Not sure if I updated about my Invisalign, but I have an appointment scheduled for the 25th. I plan to start on a carb-restricted diet then and try and focus on my weight. My acid reflux issue has actually resolved itself - I cut out all diet soda and boom - better. I haven’t had any soda in like a month.