Gay Couple in Ga


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Hey everyone,
We are a gay couple in Ga open to having a third.
We begin actively seeking a third partner a few years ago after we had a "ah-ha" moment and we realized that we don't have to conform to what society tells us.
We also want a family dynamic and there seems to be a world of possibilities a triad relationship can offer.
We have dated a few men together, including one that lasted a year and a half in which all three of us learned a good bit about ourselves. In the end, we were not all a good match.
My partner is an IT specialist for a local housing provider. He is a very handsome german man, with dark broody looks and a knack for german baked goods. lol
I'm a horticulturist/artist in school for another degree in holistic medicine. Very alternative in most everything, I come from a close family who is very accepting and given me a strong foundation to love and accept.

Any questions, feel free to message. I look forward to hearing from you guys and learning more.


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*jumping up and down* Found someone else in the Bible Belt of the South!!!!

It's good to meet you, Rob. I'm in the northeast corner of the state - had to deal with both Isabel and Irene.... not fun.

Hope to see you in here more.