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This always feels like one of those films where as you walk into the bar everything stops including the piano player..

So I suppose to begin its probably best to tell a short tale about who I am and what has bought me to this haven of acceptance. My wife and I have been in a mono relationship for over ten years, and now in her mid 40's she has discovered her bisexuality. Just to be clear, this was not as much a shock to me as it was to her, so with a lot of talking and some, perhaps to rigid restrictions we decided to employ the services of a professional escort for her to explore these new found feelings.

Kat was knocked sideways by how much she enjoyed her new found desires and I was nothing, but happy to see her enjoying her sexuality so much. As I'm sure you can gather this is very new ground to both of us and although we have agreed on a very vague framework for bringing her bisexuality into our primary relationship, I see there will be many bumps in the road ahead, more than a few renegotiation sessions.

At this point Kat is seeing escorts to satisfy her sexual needs, and enjoying this immensely, we have agreed times and acceptable do's and dont's, but I think we both know there is an emotional need for her that isn't being met and will eventually become the next challenge for us to face and navigate.

So that's us in a nutshell, as the mono part of this combination I guess I'm here for occasional advice, some support when the inevitable envy shows its ugly face & if I can in any way to help others who might be having difficulty in adjusting to those curve balls life throws us.

Thanks for taking the time to read.. Ya'll can go back to your drinks now. :)


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[cue resumption of piano music] ;)

Welcome to our forum, Fish1470. It sounds like so far you guys are doing a good job of taking it in small steps, communicating, and re-negotiating on occasion as needed. If you continue with that process, you'll probably come out okay.

It is quite commendable that you've been supportive toward Kat in her exploration of this "other side" of herself. I'm sure she's appreciative of that.

Explore our site some more, find out what threads call to you, and post any thoughts or questions you may have. It's great to have you aboard.

Kevin T.