Greetings from Idaho


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Hello Folks,

My name is George. My significant other is Sheryl. We are in our mid-50's and done with kids. It is now time for us. This is something we have been very interested in for the past 5 years. We seek another (either sex) for a permanent love bond for both of us. We are not looking for games, we are not swingers, just an older couple seeking another to join us in love, not necessarily to live with us, but who knows what could be worked out? We play online games, ride motorcycles, work our jobs, and enjoy movies and eating out. We are both Trekkies. We are Pagan in our religious views, but are not narrow minded if someone has a different view.
We are pretty busy with our jobs(we both work at the same place), but we have 3 day weekends which is a plus as far as free time is concerned. We think that our person(s) would likely need to have at least some of the same interests as us. Sheryl likes to paint, I love to write poetry. We are cat people and currently have a Siamese that owns us. Sheryl and I are both Bi in our orientation. We are not very experienced at this, but after five years of reading and researching and intense discussion we feel we are ready to at least introduce ourselves to the community. If you want to learn more about us, please reply to this thread. We both thank you all for your time.

George and Sheryl

Hugs to all;)


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Welcome aboard.