Greetings from the Fidelia!


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Hey y'all! Long time, eh?

I've been missing this cyber-hood, and wanted to stop in and say so. Hi! Miss y'all!

I know I certainly haven't been as active here as I once was. Honestly, I haven't had any extra time. Fidelio (my primary, my hubba-hubby, my hunka hunka burnin' love) had been diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4, inoperable, incurable. The doctors have no hope for us. Fortunately we never put our hope in doctors.

So we are fighting it, with all the tools in the arsenal, and adding more as we find them. When I'm not taking care of him, I am searching for a cure. I know there is one. We just have to find it in time.

So anyway . . . Greetings, friends. Peace. To each of us and to all of us.
Sorry to hear about the cancer. I've heard of miracle cases where it went away with a raw vegan diet, but I don't know if that would hold out in your situation. Anyway, well wishes to you.
Hugs and hope, Fidelia. My family's gone through enough cancer for me to know that maintaining the fight and the motivation is key. Stay strong. My mom's still here and so's your hunka hunka (hee). Enjoy every minute!
Thanks, y'all. I sincerely appreciate the kind thoughts and well wishes.

YouAreHere, sorry to hear your fam has marched through the valley of cancer so often! I'm searching everywhere for a cure. Seriously. I intend to find a cure for cancer. (Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds like a mighty ambitious accomplishment. I'm going to do it anyway.) When I do, would you like me to PM you with the scoop?
Considering that we're once again playing the is-it-or-isn't-it game (sigh), sure, feel free. And good luck. :)
Our family is frequently blighted with the nastiness of cancer.. In the past 5 years we have had numerous accounts.. More than the finger on one hand :( I feel for your position in life and am sending warm wishes for you and your hubby hubs! Try to stay positive!