Greetings to my fellow service members


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Just wanted to let any and all fellow service men and women currently serving their country in the middle east and abroad that you are not alone and that you are in my prayers. I am with you as I am currently in Iraq. Just because we may find our selves at the farthest corners of the globe at times, does not mean that we do not still face the same concerns and questions that come with polyarmorism. Chin up... do your part.. and come home safely!
Many thanks...

Many thanks for your service and be safe!

Semper Fi
I am with you

I am with you as I am currently in Iraq.

What powerful little words these are- "I am with you"- we are with you too, Lethal.
I wish you safety and courage as you go to bat for your fellow planet mates.

Thank you.

I do appreciate the kind words and support that you all have offered. It is by the will that every service member, Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Seaman face the daily trials of military service. That our county backs us, even if they do not fully back the reasons we are where we are.. or what we are doing.. Is powerfull and has such significance.. in that YOUR support. Validates us. So yes.. in the simplest of terms. Thank you. And I reiterate to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms throughout the world and especially in Iraq and Afgahnistan.. I you are in my prayers. Shoot straight, chin up.. and serve with honor.
I'll be there soon enough. Joining the Army after highschool. Good luck, bro, be safe and keep your head down. Hooah
I'm also serving in the middle east right now. I pray for the safety of my brothers, sisters and friends everyday. until everyone comes home.