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Hello Friends

I am Amitabh residing at India. I came across this term, Polyamory, yesterday. Checked Wikipedia and another site about this label. Found this forum and joined couple of hours back.

In this incarnation, my age at present is 35+. I have been nurtured with monogamy as the ethical premise. And I found later on, monogamy should certainly be a premise for people who wouldn't want to consider or afford to be into any polyXXX relationship. Especially finance is one parameter that should be considered when considering the nature of relationship one should live with. Other parameter is previous relationships since birth and before as well.

I heard about polygamy and polyandry. As I was (and continue to be) in the mainstream of lifestyle in the societies, I live in, I had a discomfort in considering polygamy and polyandry as way to live especially as these are not in the mainstream of the societies I live in.

Articles on polyamory( and also articles browsed before on relationships) certainly assisted familiarize with various experiences.

Having come across the articles and this forum and reading the terms(descriptions of the terms certainly assisted) used in this setup of poly relationship, what mattered, next, was my preference....what relationship do I prefer is the question I had to answer and consolidate upon.

Kuddos to the admins here, they have certainly kept up the momentum of this niche in the gamut of relationships existing.

On personal ground, I was born and brought up in very secured environment receiving support from my parental and ancestral relations.

Academically (and practically as well) I am an engineer. At present I am pursuing a career as entrepreneur and stock market trader and technical analyst.

I have been interfacing with many femme in the societies I live in, none of which is sexual oriented.

Having looked into and consolidated on professional front, now seems to be the ideal phase, for me, to look forward to intimate personal relationships.

That's me in brief, look forward to interface with many in this forum. Feel free to PM. I am also available on Facebook and Google chat.

I look forward to healthy intimate relationship with females and friendship with males. Other genders, feel free to connect. I am interested to meet people and assist as feasible.

Warm wishes

Amitabh Choudhury :)
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Thanks II. It was interesting to read your journey!:)