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Hello, folks!

I'd like to thank you all for contributing to this forum. It's been a great resource for me as I've started exploring the awesome potential of polyamorous life!

A little about me and my situation. I am a straight (potentially heteroflexible) man in my mid-twenties. I have had the good fortune to be in an incredibly solid, loving, joyful relationship with a woman for going on 8 years. We were very young when we met, and learned, lived, changed and grown together. We own a house together and generally are living the best, seemingly normative life one could have.

I have always known that I was capable and interested in polyamory, but my partner was adamantly monogomous and our relationship was worth that price of admission. I was happy to be with her and her alone for the rest of my life. However, six months ago she confided in me that she was bi-curious, and interested in exploring that, which I was very enthusiastic about. We created space in our relationship for her to explore her bisexuality, made rules, and started looking for someone whom she could trust to be caring with her as she explored homosexual relationships and redefined how she describes herself. A very good friend of mine fit the bill - smart, caring, sensitive, bi, gorgeous, with a huge crush on my partner and great chemistry all around.

The three of us starting spending time together rock climbing, grabbing drinks, and watching movies together, and it quickly became apparent that what we had was more than just a way for my partner to explore her homosexual side. After some good discussions (Me and my partner M, me and my friend K, M and K, all three of us. etc.), it became clear that really what we were starting was a triad. We have a lot in common with each other, but the things I have in common with M are different than with K, and vice-versa for M and K with each other.

It's been a month since we all went on our first date together, and things couldn't be more perfect. M and K are absolutely adorable together, we have an easy, comfortable relationship. We can talk about the hard things (jealousy, feeling left out, etc.), but our discussions are always caring, sincere and easy.

We're taking things as slow as possible, given the overwhelming NRE, but it's hard not to get swept away! We sleep together in our queen bed about half the time, and we take turns the other half with who sleeps alone on the guest bed.

All in all, wonderful! I'm so glad that I live in a time and a place where not only is this possible, but there is a community for me to learn from and contribute to!

I look forward to learning and loving and sharing with all of you!

-First of Three


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Sounds like things are going well for you. That is awesome, best of luck to the three of you.


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It sound like things are going wonderfully for you all, and it also sounds like you're handling everything in a very same manner, kudos! In case you haven't seen it, this site and this page in particular are great:

Best of luck!


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I'm an utter newbie here, but I just wanted to say that your life sounds FANTASTIC. :D

Congratulations, and good job.