Hello all


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Hey there! :) We are a north Louisiana couple who are new to the poly lifestyle and wanting to learn a lot more. Well, I know quite a bit since my best friend and her hubby are poly but he is new to everything. We are wanting to meet some nice people to talk with and get to know. We are currently swingers but not out looking for just that of course. It is great to see there are a lot of people who are poly. I never imagined there was. I hope to hear from y'all and hope y'all have a great day!!



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Hi Jess!

We are a new-to-poly couple also. We live in Lafayette, La. We are also looking to meet people and get acclimated with the poly community, as small as it seems to be in this area! We also have tried the swinger thing recently, but I (Liz) especially am looking for more of a relationship and not just sex. Would love to chat with you if you'd like. :)