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Hello All,

My name is Randy. My wife and our mate are all kinda new at this, but the experience has been very revealing and enriching.

Bekah (My wife) and I have always been very affectionate, loving and passionate with each other. Our friends say we glow when we are together and our relationship is amazing. Its pretty awesome I have to say.

From the beginning, I have always known Bekah to be Bi-curious as she kinda had a girlfriend when I first met her, but it never really played into our relationship too aweful much other than some teasing inuendo.

Over the last 8 years of marriage, Bekah has had a few female playmates. Mostly because I was in the military (Navy) and deployed quite a bit. I liked the idea of her having a girlfriend there as it would ease the loneliness a bit and her comfort is important to me. I never really was interested in any of her playmates, mostly because they were not my type and were simply friends.

Recently though, Bekah and I have met Kelly. Since we are gaming geeks, Kelly was introduced to us by the gaming group who frequents our North Florida home. Bekah expressed interest in her right off...I have to say I too was very attracted to this beautiful little redhead with the enchanting smile...and I told her that if she was interested, she should talk to her. Several of the guys in our group were trying as well...but it ended up that Kelly went for Bekah. They were fast friends and their flirtations and affection grew steadily.

Steadily, their love grew for one another until they finally started calling each other "girlfriend". During this time, Kelly and I became more and more friendly and I truely enjoyed her company.

After several months, we were having a get together at the house and it ended with Kelly joining Bekah and I in our room. Nothing sexual, though there was some sensual touching, kissing and the like. It was very nice and we all basked in the warmth of each other.

From there, things steadily grew until we decided to take a weekend trip to Savannah Georgia with another couple...and we invited Kelly as well. It was a wonderful weekend of bonding, sexual discovery and affection between Bekah, kelly and I.

Since a little before the Savannah trip, Kelly and I's affections had been blossoming at Bekah's approval and with the experiences since has turned into a wonderful mutual love that encompasses all three of us deeply and completely.

Kelly has moved in with Bekah, our kids and I and has become a wonderful member of our family. Of course there are hurdles and challenges that have to be met, just as with any relationship, but we meet them together and head on with communication and honesty.

Of course there are still issues that need resolved...ie: She wants to tell her Mother and can't really predict her reaction...but we will deal with things like that together and as a family.

We are planning a union ceremony in the future which the girls have definately taken to :)

Thats the basics of it :)

Thanks for listening and I hope to have many great discussions here.
Can't wait to learn from you.

Very Respectfully,


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That's a wonderful story. Very heartwarming. My wife and I are in the beginnings of something similar but in our case there is Sammi and Mike. Sammi is very interested in my wife and totally interested in me. Mike has fallen head over heels for my wife (who is finally on here as of today). My wife has fallen the same way for Mike. So as this (just beginning) story continues to unfold, I will keep all of you posted on it as well. It looks like to me, that this will end up being another Poly success story.

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Thanks Bard and Welcome :)

I'm finding that this is a very warm place with LOTS of good suggestions and advise.

Thank you all for making us feel at home.

Very Respectfully,